Perennials are plants that come back bigger and better, year after year!

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We have used Latin names here, not to confuse or intimidate you, but for accuracy since many perennials have the same common name.

A is for…

Achillea – Yarrow – The Greek God, Achilles, used this plant to heal wounds. Great in full sun, adapts well to dry soil, and makes a great cut flower!  These beauties can be dried easily by hanging upside down.  Yarrow will bloom all summer, if spent blooms are removed.  Cut back after blooming to tidy plant and for a repeat performance.    YARROWS ARE GREAT DEER RESISTANT PLANTS!
filipendulina ‘Parkers’ Large golden flowered 3′-4′ yarrow, great cut, very hardy, sun.  Best for drying!
millefolium ‘Anthea’ Silver foliaged yarrow, pure yellow flowers, erect 2′ stems. Best of the Bunch!
‘Appleblossom’ Beautiful rosy pink flowers that fade to soft pink. Sturdy plant with dark green feathery leaves. Lovely in mass. 18″ tall. Sun.
‘Apricot Delight’ This new Yarrow produces flowers that range from pink to apricot to red. Full sun intensifies colors.  Variety grows to 30″ tall. 
‘Debutante’ Refined yarrow mix with a wide range of unusual colors including pink, rose, lilac, salmon, purple, red, coral, orange, ivory, light yellow, gold. Dense textured 6″ flower heads, robust weather tolerant 2′ plants.
‘Cerise Queen’ Fern Leaf Yarrow with amazing red blooms.  18″ lacy fern foliage.  Great cut flower.
‘Moonshine’ Semi-evergreen foliage, with a very well behaved habit making it a popular one to have in the garden. Beautiful lacy silver foliage. Golden yellow flowers. 24″ tall, full sun.
‘Paprika’ This hybrid selection is renowned for its large clusters of bright red flowers.  It is a vigorous grower that will quickly form a dense weed-blocking mat.  Sun.  18″-24″ high.
‘Pretty Belinda’  Rose pink yarrow, extremely cold hardy. Erect 20″ strong plants.  Flowers fade to light pink.
‘Summer Pastels’ AAS award winner Yarrow with lovely mix of pastel flowers, ferny foliage.
‘Sunny Seduction’  Creamy butter-yellow flowers bloom in summer on 27″ ferny fragrant stems. 
‘Terra Cotta’ Burnished russet flowers, silver foliage, full sun.
‘Pink Grapefruit’ The Tutti Frutti™ Series of Yarrows were recently bred in the Netherlands. Plants are compact and bushy, with very uniform blooming over a long season. This selection has clusters of flowers that begin dusty rose-pink, ageing to a soft creamy pink. Excellent for cutting. 
‘Pomegranate’ a new, compact, sturdy variety of yarrow that not only possess outstanding flower power, but also has all the classic attributes of being deer resistant, attracting butterflies, and can be cut and dried for everlasting arrangements, and is tolerant of hot, dry garden sites. Striking magenta, red growing to 24” tall requiring no staking.  Deadhead for continuous blooming.
‘Red Velvet’ Clusters of rich deep red flowers bloom for weeks from early to late summer. Heat and drought resistant. Excellent to cut for bouquets. New variety grows just 20-24″ high. Very attractive to butterflies. Plant in full sun.
ptarmica ‘Pearl Superior’ Pristine white flower heads, 18″ tall yarrow, full sun. Good substitute for Baby’s Breath!
tomentosa ‘Golden Fleece’ Wooly Yarrow – Unique groundcover yarrow that forms a thick dense mat of golden yellow flowers. Grows only 5″-10″ high. 
Aconitum carmichaelii – Monkshood – Light Wedgwood blue flowers, very tall, 4′ – 6′ Tall, blooms September & October.  Shade or part sun.
napellus Monkshood – Lovely deep blue helmet-shaped flowers bloom in July & August, 36″ tall. Shade or part-sun.
cammarum ‘Stainless Steel’ Lavish steel blue flowers are the great reward of this easy-to-cultivate perennial.  36″ tall.
cammarum ‘Blue Lagoon‘ Grows just 10 inches tall with dark vibrant blue hooded flowers. A great addition of Monkshood to the garden!
‘Album’ An old fashioned perennial. Plants form an upright clump of deeply-cut green leaves, bearing tall spikes of ivory-white flowers in mid-summer. May need staking in early summer. An outstanding cut flower. Shade or part sun.
‘Fischeri’ Striking upright stems of lavender-blue from late summer to early fall when few other blue flowers are in bloom.  18″ tall, needs no staking.
Aegopodium podograria ‘Variegata’ Bishops Weed-variegated groundcover, 6″, very tough, fast grower. Drought tolerant & tough as nails.  Sun, shade.
Agastache aurantiaca ‘Lilac Sprite’  Bushy, 18″ compact plants produce abundant whorls of lilac & orange flowers.  Must be protected from harsh winter conditions, but wonderfully attractive to hummingbirds.  Fragrant gray/green foliage.
aurantiaca ‘Navajo Sunset’  Wonderfully minty foliage grows 48″ tall, with bright orange flowers.  A great garden plant for bees, hummingbirds, and other flower pollinators. 
‘Black Adder’  – Hyssop produces strong bottle brush like stalks of light blue flowers which emerge from purple buds. They bloom from mid -summer and continue until early fall. Its foliage smells distinctly like black licorice, hence its name Anise Hyssop.
‘Blue Fortune’ – Fragrant licorice-scented Anise Hyssop blooms from summer until Fall with spikes of edible lavender-blue flowers.  2′-3′ tall, sun.  Flowers are edible & taste like Good ‘N Plenty candy!
‘Heatwave’ – Hyssop – Hot-pink flowers are colorful for months. 3’, early- late summer bloomer.  Heat and humidity tolerant. Hummers adore me.
‘Raspberry Summer’ Dramatic spikes of dark raspberry-pink flowers grace this 3’ Hyssop. Long blooming hummer/ butterfly plant.
barberi ‘Tutti Frutti’ This is an erect, bushy perennial with scented gray-green leaves. Its raspberry-red flowers grow on  long spikes from midsummer to late fall. The flower spikes have a long bloom period and attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
Ajania pacifica  Silver green rosettes bear distinctive silver edges giving this plant the common name of Silver & Gold Plant. Tansy-like yellow flowers in fall. Excels in dry, sandy areas. Sun, 12″ tall.
Ajuga pyramidalis  ‘Metallica Crispa’ New & unusual compact mat of crinkled deep bronze purple foliage, blue flowers in spring.  Grows only 6″ high in shade or  part sun.  All Ajugas make exceptional shade ground cover.
‘Black Scallop’ Bugleweed – Award winning black ajuga with beautiful glossy leaves and blue flowers in spring.  Great groundcover  for             the shade, or cascading in containers & window boxes. Shade.
 reptans ‘Burgundy Glow’ Beautiful shades of pink and cream. Blue flowers, a low mat. Shade.
‘Catlins Giant’ Giant Bugleweed groundcover, large bronze leaves, blue flowers, shade or part sun..
‘Purple Torch’ Lavender/pink flower spikes above glossy purple foliage, turning bronze in winter. Shade or part sun.
‘Mahogany’ New! Mat forming mahogany (almost black) colored foliage, blue flowers.
 rubra – Fastest spreading groundcover, blue flowers.
‘Silver Queen’ White & green variegated foliage makes this a stand-out shade groundcover. Blue flowers in spring.
x tenorii ‘Chocolate Chip’ New variety from Italy!  A very dwarf Ajuga, only 6″ high, with cute clumps of shiny chocolate colored foliage.
x tenorii ‘Mint Chip’ Shade tolerant groundcover with deep green narrow leaves.  Brilliant blue flowers in spring. 
Alchemilla mollis ‘Auslese’ Lady’s Mantle – 18″ Gray green foliage, airy chartreuse flowers.  Raindrops bead up on its slightly ruffled foliage.  Very charming.  Shade.
‘Gold Strike’  Palmately lobed leaves with scalloped edges make this Lady’s Mantle unique.  Early summer display of wispy yellow flowers.  Good shade plant!
Althea/Alcea – Hollyhocks -This one will definitely remind you of Grandma’s garden. Wonderful crepe paper flowers are very tall and long-blooming in mid-summer. Cut back after blooming, more will come!  An old-school favorite!
rosea annua ‘Spring Celebrity Series’  This series features compact plants (only 36″ tall) with large showy semi-double and double flowers with a very long bloom time.  Choose from Crimson, Lemon, Lilac, Pink or Purple!
rosea ‘Summer Carnival Mix’   Big powder-puff blossoms in every shade of pink, rose, red, and yellow!  Great for cutting. 
rosea ‘Majorette’ An old-fashioned favorite unlike other cultivars in that it is dwarf and bushy reaching only 3’tall. Flowers are rosette-like, semi-double in pale colors including yellow, and apricot. Blooms early summer. Attractive to butterflies. 
sylvestris ‘Mystic Merlin Mix’ Big striped flowers of true blue or lavender adorn this miniature hollyhock.  full sun or part shade, 5′-6′ tall.  Also known as Malva sylvestris.
zebrina – Zebra Hollyhock – An unusual hollyhock with miniature single flowers striped purple and white.  Sun.  Best of the bunch!  Reseeds freely.  Also known as Malva zebrina.
Alyssum montanum ‘Mountain Gold’ Canary yellow flowers on mat-forming silver foliage.  Sun.  (Also Known As Aurinia)
saxatilis ‘Compacta’ Profuse blooms of bright yellow flowers over silvery/green foliage. Fragrant. (a.k.a. Aurinia)
Amsonia hubreckii – Blue Star – Silvery blue flower clusters above finely divided thread-leaf foliage. Exceptional golden fall colored foliage grows 3′ – 4’ tall. Sun or part sun.  A favorite plant, especially in the fall with its golden yellow foliage.  2011 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR!
tabernaemontana Lovely sky blue flowers over willowy foliage, great fall color. Sun. One of our favorites!
Anemone coronaria ‘DeCaen Mix’ – Early spring blooming poppy-like flowers in shades of blue, pink, red and white. Good cut flower.
coronaria ‘St. Brigit Mix’ Double poppy-like spring flowers in pink, blue, red & white. Sun or part shade. Anemones are Deer Resistant.
hupehensis ‘September Charm’  Single rose pink flowers make this Japanese Anemone a charmer.   Of course, it blooms in September.  24″ tall.
hupehensis var. japonica ‘Pamina’ A wonderful, vigorous, compact cultivar. The double 2-3” flowers of  rose-pink petals and yellow centers rise on long, wiry-but-graceful, branching stems over an attractive foliage mound of trifoliate dark green leaves. Lengthy August to September bloom period.  Shade or part sun.
x hybrida ‘Honorine Jobert’ Elegant dazzling white flowers adorn this 2′-3′ anemone.  Blooms late summer to mid-fall.  2016 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR!
Anthemis ‘Kelwayi’ Golden Marguerite Daisy – Free flowering, providing an abundance of yellow daises all summer and fall for bouquets, dried arrangements and wreaths. The foliage is elegantly cut and aromatic. Plants will be about 3′ tall and should be pinched once, like Mums, after planting. Sun.
Aquilegia – Columbine – Blooming in late spring & early summer, the flower is thought to resemble a cluster of doves.  Columbine does best in light shade.  It is a hummingbird bounty with unmatched intricate flowers.  Columbines are deer-resistant plants.
canadensis – Native Wild Columbine, large and tough, dainty red & yellow flowers. Grows 18″-24″ tall.  Part-sun, shade.
canadensis ‘Little Lanterns’   – A North American Native Columbine, shorter than the above species, so plant at woodland’s edge.  Tons of brilliant red & yellow flowers, 12″-18″ tall.
‘Music Mix’ Compact Columbine (12″ – 18″) blooming in early summer with large spurred flower. Mixed colors, Shade, part-sun.
x ‘McCana Hybrids’ Large showy spurred flowers of red, pink and yellow, 2’-3’ tall, shade or part shade.
‘Songbird Blue’ An old-fashioned favorite, valued for its handsome, durable foliage and the airy charm of its fragrant blooms. “Songbird” varieties have been hybridized for larger blossoms on more compact plants. They prefer a partially shaded location.
‘Songbird Cardinal’ Award winning variety with red and white, bicolor blossoms that last two weeks in a vase. The flowers face upright, making this a very showy plant in the border. They are also large and long spurred.
vulgaris ‘Woodside Variegata’  Nodding double deep purple flowers over unique gold & green variegated foliage. Reseeds freely.   Brightens a shady spot, but also tolerates sun.
Arabis blepharophylla ‘Spring Charm’ Rose tinted flowering Rock Cress, good for edging or rock gardening. Sun.
caucasica ‘Snowcap’ Pure white flowering Rock Cress, drought tolerant plant.
Arenaria montana – Mountain Sandwort -Pure white flowers over mat-forming glossy-leaved foliage. Excellent for rock gardens, Sun, part-shade 4″.
Armeria maritima ‘Splendens’ Thrift or Sea Pink, low growing mat, long blooming pink flowers from early spring on. Sun.
Artemisia  Wormwood – Named for the Greek Goddess, Artemis, this bold silver foliage adds dramatic accent to the garden.   Foliage is very aromatic.   Sun or part sun.
ludoviciana ‘Valerie Finnis’ 18-24″ Wormwood with silvery rectangular leaves. Sun. Aromatic foliage.
schmidtiana ‘Silver Mound’ Lovely 6″ cushions of silvery gray, full sun, needs good drainage.
stelleriana ‘Silver Brocade’   Deeply lobed, Dusty Miller-like Artemisia, useful for edging, accent or container plantings.  Drought tolerant, sun lover.  12″ tall.
Aruncus aethusifolius – Goatsbeard -12″ tall creamy plumes  in June, lacy foliage. Sun or semi-shade.
dioicus – Goatsbeard – Astilbe-look-alike, but taller 4′. White blossoms in sun or semi-shade.
Asclepias – Butterfly Weed or  Milkweed plants are a host plant for Monarch butterflies, but milkweed is also a highly sought nectar source for many other butterfly species. Aside from attracting Monarch butterflies for egg-laying, milkweed entices swallowtails, painted ladies, and many other butterflies for its nectar. Milkweed also draws hummingbirds and hummingbird moths to the garden for nectar.
incarnata ‘Cinderella’ Butterfly Weed – Clusters of rose-purple, sweetly scented, long lasting butterfly blooms. 3-4’ tall.
tuberosa – Butterfly Weed – Excellent late summer, orange wild flower. Once established, these plants do not like to be disturbed because of their long tap root.  Very hardy,  plant in full sun. 24’ tall.  2017 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR!
‘Hello Yellow’ Golden yellow Butterfly Weed, extremely attractive to both butterflies & hummingbirds.  Long bloomer!
‘Ice Ballet’ White blooming butterfly weed. 3-4’ tall.
Asparagus – Asparagus is a long-lived perennial vegetable crop that is enjoyed by many gardeners. It can be productive for 15 or more years. Plant in full sun.
Aster – Billowy masses of tiny yellow-centered lavender, purple, blue, pink or white blossoms, form clouds of color for a month or two in late summer and early fall. Asters range greatly in size and color, making them versatile in the garden.  Excellent butterfly & bee plant!
dumosus ‘Wood’s Pink’ Long blooming light pink flowers provide color for 4-6 weeks in late summer.  Grows 8″-12″ tall and is mildew resistant.  Sun.
‘Wood’s Purple’ Same as above, but lovely purple/blue flowers in late summer.  12″ tall.
ericoides ‘Schneegitter’ Prostrate, mat-forming small green leaves bear hundreds of small white flowers in September.  Only 4″ tall, sun.
frikartii ‘Wonder of Staffa’ Outstanding lilac blue daisy flowers, bloom all summer. Best of the Bunch!
frikartii ‘Flora’s Delight’ Warm lilac semi-double flowers are produced from August through October in full sun. Mounding plant grows 18″ tall.
lateriflorus ‘Lady In Black’  36″ tall Aster with tiny bronze-black foliage, blooms white daisies in late summer.  Striking.
novae angliae (New England) ‘Purple Dome’ Compact 18″ plant, very heavy bloomer, a knock-out!
novae belgii ‘Celeste’ New York Aster – Lavender summer flowering Aster, 18” – 24” tall.
‘Patricia Ballard’  Soft pink summer flowering aster, very butterfly friendly.  18” tall, sun.
‘Professor Anton Kippenburg’ A cultivar of New York Aster, this perennial aster has lavender-blue flowers covering the 12” compact plant from late summer to mid-fall. This Aster performs great as a container plant or border accent, attracting both bees and butterflies. Full sun.
‘Raspberry Swirl’ New England Aster blooms in Sept & Oct with vivid raspberry red flowers, 24” tall, excellent butterfly plant.
Asteromea mongolica Mongolian Aster -Dainty, fully double white flowers top this 2′ bush all summer.  A tough, adaptable award-winning plant.  Sun or part shade.  (Also known as Kalimeris pinnifitida)

Astilbe – Delicate & feathery, Astilbe is a favorite perennial for shady, moist locations.  It also performs well in full sun if given enough water.  Flowers are produced in great quantities in June & July. In order to keep Astilbe looking good for the next year, do not cut it back in the winter.  The old foliage helps protect the plant from winter damage.  Prune in early spring.  Astilbe is considered to be deer resistant and will attract hummingbirds.
‘Amethyst’  This superb hybrid with elegant, lavender blossoms represents a color breakthrough for astilbes. Feathery, 20-24″ plumes appear for up to four weeks in early to midsummer. Delicate, fern-like foliage, 18″ high is ornamental in its own right. Does best in full to part shade.
‘Aphrodite’ Red &  white flower parts combine to form vibrant rosy-red plumes on upright red stems. 16″ tall.
arendsii ‘Amethyst’  Lavender plumes appear in  July on this 36″  tall variety.
‘Astary Mix’ A naturally compact Astilbe growing only 12″ tall, in lovely plumes of pink , rose & white.
‘Burgundy Red’ Compact, upright Astilbe that features plumes of tiny burgundy red flowers in late spring to early summer.   Flower stems typically rise to 24” tall.
‘Bonn’ Dense, dark carmine-pink, plumy flower spikes and shiny decorative, ferny green foliage. It is around 18-20″ tall and blooms in mid-season.
‘Brennen’ Early, brilliant candy pink fading to mid pink, standard plume shape. Bold foliage, excellent companion with ferns and blue Hosta! A stand out for clear coloring!   Takes sun if soil is very moist.
‘Diamonds & Pearls’  is a compact, upright, mounded astilbe that features tiny pure white flowers in late spring to early summer Mass in the shade garden for a stunning effect.  Grows 28” tall. ‘Deutschland’ – Lush deeply cut foliage is attractive for the entire season and is bronze-green.   Pure, glistening white flowers in early and mid summer. Extra dense flower plumes.
‘Fanal’ – Colorful feathery flower with deep red blooms and lacy deep green foliage.   Astilbe ‘Fanal’ blooms in mid summer and is 24” tall.
‘Granat’ Handsome plants for the perennial border. Produces masses of colorful feathery scarlet red flower plumes.
‘Heart & Soul’  Enormous long lasting, lavender-pink blooms form a pyramid above 32″ plants. Bred to be very tolerant of heat, humidity, and can tolerate more sun than most astilbes.
‘Hyazinth’ Tall mid season Astilbe with light purple blooms in profusion from mid July onwards. Grow in moist soil in sun or light shade.  Blooming a little later than most Astilbes, and thus extending the season.  36″ tall.
‘Montgomery’ has wonderful deep red to scarlet-red flowers with dark red-bronze foliage, 20″ tall.
‘Peach Blossom’ Delicate salmon-pink flowers, 20″ tall.  Sun or shade.
‘Rheinland’ Short fluffy pink  plumes, 24″ tall, early bloomer.
‘Spinell’ Carmine – red flower plumes, 30″ tall, late bloomer. Nice bushy plant.
‘Sprite’ Shell pink flower plumes on 12″ compact plants.  1994 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.  Shade/part sun.
‘Snow Drift’ An excellent white with light green foliage blooming late July & August, 24″.
‘Superba’ Magenta-pink flowers on tall 36″ upright stems in late summer and early fall.  Sun or shade.
chinensis ‘Pumila’ Dwarf Chinese Astilbe grows a compact 12″.  rose colored plumes appear in August and September.   Sun, part-sun or shade.
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B is for…

Baptisia australis – Blue False Indigo – Eye-catching true blue sweet-pea like flowers completely cover this 36″ tall perennial in June.  The spring flowers are present for 3 to 4 weeks.   The common name Blue False Indigo, refers to the use of this perennials by early Americans as a dye.  Baptisia is a true American beauty that attracts a number of butterflies to the garden.  Sun or  part sun.  2010 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR
‘Purple Smoke’ Discovered as a chance seedling at the North Carolina Botanical Garden, ‘Purple Smoke’ Indigo combines the dusky violet blue    flowers of Baptisia australis with the charcoal gray stems of Baptisia alba, resulting in a beautiful color combination.  It flowers in May, grows 4′ tall, and is slow to establish, but well worth the wait!
‘Twilight Prairieblues’ Profuse mid spring bloom of violet/purple pea-like  flowers.  Low maintenance, long lived perennial. 3’-5’ tall.
Begonia grandis – Perennial begonia bearing pendulous pink flowers in summer. Shade loving 24″ – 36″. Wonderful woodland  plant giving height to the middle or back of the shade garden.
Belamcanda ‘Hello Yellow’ produces cheerful bright yellow star-shaped flowers mid-summer into Fall.  The sword like foliage resembles Iris.  After flowering, ornamental seed pods appear.  Sun.  18″-24″ tall.
Bellis perennis – English Daisy – Cute as a button, 6″ tall clump-forming plant blooming in early spring in shades of pink, red and white.
Bergenia cordfolia Leathery evergreen leaves make this a standout for the shade garden. Red bell-shaped flowers attract early hummingbirds. 10″ tall.
        ‘Perfect’ An excellent, evergreen ground cover with big rounded cabbage-like leaves, which can tolerate both sunny/shaded dry areas.  A beauty!
Boltonia asteroides ‘Pink Beauty’ Bolton’s Aster – Great plant for the fall garden, 4-5′ tall covered in pink. Sun.
asteroides ‘Snowbank’ Fantastic fall bloomer, 4′ – 6′ white clouds of small daisies, sun.
‘Nana’ Same great Bolton’s Aster, but a dwarf variety, only 18″ tall.
Brunnera macrophylla – Siberian Bugloss – Moisture loving woodland plant blooming in sun or shade. Superior low maintenance plant. Blue forget-me-not flowers in spring.  Plant in shady areas of the border, woodland gardens, naturalized areas or along ponds or streams as a specimen or in groups. May also be used as an informal ground cover.
‘Jack Frost’  Beautiful silver foliage and blue flowers for the woodland shady garden. ‘Jack Frost’ handles more direct sun that most other variegated types of Brunnera, though in hot-summer regions some afternoon shade is recommended to prevent leaf scorch.  Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ foliage is deer resistant. It grows to a height and width of 12-15 inches. Its silvery foliage stands out in a shade garden. Brunneras produce racemes of blue star-like flowers in mid to late spring.  2012 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR!
‘Hadspen Cream’ The best variegated Brunnera! With greater vigor and more attractive variegation than others in this family, Hadspen Cream is a splendid addition to the shade garden! Its bold heart-shaped leaves are crisply edged in ivory in spring, the color deepening to cream and then sunny yellow as the weather warms in summer. And in spring the entire plant is covered in small, starry blue blooms! A treasure for every season! 
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C is for…

Caltha – Marsh Marigold – Handsome plants with bold, bright green foliage, showy buttercup flowers. Likes moist, shady areas, perfect around ponds.  Only 8″ tall.
Campanula – Bellflower/Canterbury Bells – A truly outstanding group of perennials.  Bellflowers bloom mostly in shades of blue, a very useful and cooling color.  Plant in sun or light shade and cut back to promote continuous flowering.
carpatica ‘Blue Clips’ Carpatian Bellflower – Carpets of blue bell-flowers on compact plants, great for edging.  8″-10″ tall, Sun, part shade.
carpatica ‘White Clips’  Pristine white bell-flowers on compact mounds perfect for summer flowering.
garganica ‘Dickson’s Gold’  This gold-leaf Adriatic Bellflower shows a striking combination of bright golden foliage and star-like blue flowers blooming late Spring to mid-summer. This Campanula forms a 4” tall compact golden mound providing bold, contrasting color even when not in bloom. Sun or part-sun.
lactiflora ‘alba’ – This upright bellflower grows to 4 or 5 feet with rounded leaves and conical spires of bell-shaped white flowers.
‘Superba‘ Rich purple bellflowers on 2’ stems in June and July. Sun, Part-sun. Cut Campanulas back after blooming, to tidy plant and to promote re-bloom.
medium Canterbury Bells, vigorous plants with large cupped flowers, nice in cottage garden, great cut flower.  Bi-ennial.
persicifoliaAlba’ White bell-shaped flowers on 30″ stems. May/June flowering. Sun, part-sun.
persicifolia ‘La Belle’ Tall upright stems bear small double deep blue bell flowers in summer. Sun or part sun
‘Takion Blue’ The Peach-leaved Bellflowers are popular old cottage garden perennials, cultivated for centuries. This is an outstanding compact strain, with the classic cup-shaped violet-blue bell flowers but with a more showy outfacing habit. Excellent for cutting.
‘Telham Beauty’ Unusually large, rich blue flowers. Grows 3′ tall, a good cut flower. Sun, part sun.
poscharskyana ‘Blue Waterfall’ Lovely cascading, cool blue, bell-shaped flowers on mat growing foliage. An excellent plant for a rock gardens, wall, patio container, window box, or hanging basket. 8-10″ high. Sun, part shade.
punctata ‘Cherry Bells’ Fat, pendulous, cherry-red tubular lowers are attractive to hummers. 24″ – 30″ tall. ‘Wedding Bells’ Pendulous white tubular flowers, 24″ tall. Sun or part sun.
rotundifolia Bluebells of Scotland – Sun, part sun, adorable, 6″ tall, very long blooming mats of bluebells.

Caryopteris ‘First Choice’ – Bluebeard – Inky blue buds open to a luscious lilac blue spike.  This compact Bluebeard grows 18″-24″ tall.  A wonderful late summer, early autumn bloomer!‘Dark Knight’ Deep rich purple flowers above dark green foliage.  Grows 2′-3′ tall and blooms in late summer into fall.  Sun.
        ‘Longwood Blue’ Silvery foliage, with sky blue flowers.  A heavy bloomer.  36-42″ tall.  Blooms late summer, early autumn.

Centaurea – Corn Flowers – Bachelor Buttons – Bluets – These are very long-blooming, neat flowers with a delicate pin-cushiony shape. Grow Cornflowers in full sun or light shade. A very long-lived perennials and a good cut flower.
montana Mountain Bluet – Lovely blue pincushion flowers 30″ above silvery gray foliage.  One of our best sellers every year!  Sun.
       ‘Caramia’ Showy pink flowers on this new Bachelor Button and a favorite of bumblebees.  This is a worthy new addition to the flower bed!

Cerastium tomentosum – Snow In Summer – Silvery gray 6″ groundcover, pure white blossoms. With its cascading foliage, it lends itself to container gardening. Drought tolerant, easy care.  Sun or part sun.
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides – Plumbago – Brilliant dark blue flowers on 6″ compact plants. Blooms July-Sept.   Sun/Part sun.

‘My Love’ A new Plumbago cultivar that is characterized by compact habit, intense golden-yellow foliage, and clear-blue flowers in      summer. Stunning for shady or partly-shaded areas. 
Chelone glabra – White Turtlehead, often flushed with pink. 24″ tall. Late blooming, sun, part-shade.
obliqua ‘Lyonni’ Pink Turtlehead Lovely late blooming flowers, long blooming, sun, part shade.
lyonii ‘Hot Lips’ Distinctive pink “beaked” flowers. Attractive bronze new spring foliage, 36″ tall in sun or part sun.
Cheiranthus – Wall Flower – Masses of lovely golden flowers in spring.   Sun, part sun, 12″ tall.  Reseeds freely.
Chrysogonum virginanum ‘Pierre’ Golden Star – 8″-12″ plants bear yellow daisies all spring. Lovely groundcover, often reblooms.  Sun or shade.

Cimicifuga simplex ‘Brunette’ Black Bugbane – Bugbanes are late-season blooming perennials, generally planted in rich moist woodland situations. ‘Brunette’ is an exceptionally beautiful selection, valued for its large Astilbe-like leaves of purple black. Arching wands or bottlebrush spikes of fragrant pale-pink flowers rise above the clump in early fall.
        ‘The Pearl’ Bugbane – Very large white fragrant bottlebrush flowers, astilbe-like foliage. Dramatic in the open woodland garden. Sun, part-shade, shade, 4″ tall.
Clematis – Assorted varieties – 3 Gallon Pots – $16.99 List under Vines.
Convallaria majalis – Lily of the Valley – 6″ dark green leaves, creamy white fragrant bell-shaped flowers in spring. Shade groundcover.
Coreopsis – Tickseed – The common name for this plant comes from the small shiny black seeds that resemble ticks.  These mostly yellow  daisies grow best in full sun.  Tickseed is actually a wildflower in our area.  The longevity of bloom on these plants is their greatest asset.  Coreopsis can be trimmed back after blooming to tidy plant and to encourage repeat blooming.

Coreopsis auriculata ‘Nana’ Yellow orange blooms over low mats of deep green leaves.  Grows 6″-9″ tall.  Sun/ part sun.
auriculata ‘Zampfir’ Golden tubular flowered Coreopsis.
‘Cosmic Eye’ Single, claret red daisies tipped in golden, sunshine yellow. Dark green, slender leaves. Compact and freely branching. Summer bloomer, 12″ tall.
grandiflora ‘Domino’ Dwarf Coreopsis variety only 15″, golden flowers with black eye.
‘Early Sunrise’ AAS winner, golden yellow flowers come early, bloom all summer. Sun.

Heliot’ A Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner, bred to stay tight and compact – perfect for a smaller garden or container. The flowers are single with a burgundy ring around the center disk and they bloom from early summer right through to frost.
Illico’ This well–branched Coreopsis has a naturally compact habit and is covered in golden yellow  blooms from May until October. Sun, 12″-14″ tall.
     ‘Jethro Tull’ Fluted golden petals and a compact habit are the trademark of this Coreopsis.  Blooms  mid-spring to mid-summer.  Grows 18″ tall, in full sun, and  makes a great cut flower.
     ‘Sunray’ 2-3’ fully double flowers cover this plant in spring, re-bloomer, sun.
lanceolata ‘Baby Sun’ 10″ tall dwarf Coreopsis, yellow with bronze eye, great for border. Sun.
     x’Tequila Sunrise’ An exciting new variegated form of Coreopsis.  Brilliant golden flowers in summer   over creamy-yellow variegated foliage.  16″   tall, sun.
x ‘Full Moon’ Brilliant canary yellow flowers, up to 3″ across, bloom from July until frost.  24″ tall, sun. 
‘Limerock Ruby’   A great new long-blooming red flower for the perennial border.  Daisy flowers are velvety ruby red.  Cut back to  tidy and for re-bloom.  Sun or  part.
‘Limerock Passion’  Lavender daisies with yellow centers bloom in summer.  Cut back to tidy foliage and for repeat performance.  16″ tall, sun.
rosea  Feathery 18″ plants covered with pink daisies, thread leaf foliage.
rosea ‘Sweet Dreams’ Big bi-color flowers are white with a dark raspberry colored center.  New.  18″-24″ tall.  Sun/part.
rosea ‘Heavens Gate’ This hardy fine-leafed selection is blanketed in vivid pink flowers with darker centers all summer. Looks impressive as a mass planting.  Cut back for continuous flowering. 15″ tall.  Sun.
verticillata ‘Creme Brulee’  A yellow-flowered Coreopsis that is being promoted as an improved version of ‘Moonbeam’.  It has larger, deeper yellow flowers on a    more vigorous plant. This is a thread leaf-type that  grows in bushy clumps to 20” tall.  Butter-yellow daisy-like flowers bloom profusely from June to October.  Sun or part sun.
verticillata ‘Golden Gain’ Drought-tolerant 18″ clump forming thread leaf Coreopsis.  Large golden daisy flowers in summer.
verticillata ‘Moonbeam’ 1992 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR. Very long blooming lemon yellow flowers, 18″ compact bushes.

verticillata ‘Sweet Marmalade’  Light orange flowers from June through September.  Beautiful new Coreopsis will be striking in your sun garden!  Grows 12″ tall.
verticillataZagreb’ Masses of small golden daisies over finely cut foliage, very tough, plant, sun. Best of the Bunch & one of the best perennials for hot, dry NJ summers. Cut back to tidy and for repeat performance.
Corydalis lutea- Yellow Bleeding Heart, sweet woodland perennial for shaded areas. Great with ferns and hostas.
Crocosmia 'George Davidson' Universally regarded as the best yellow crocosmia, for the radiance of its golden yellow blossoms, their size, and their plentiful numbers.  The plants are easy to grow, reach 16 inches or more in height, and bloom from late summer into the fall.  Flowers are carried on slender stems and excellent for cutting.
        'Emberglow'  A lovely crocosmia with 3’ arching stems of orange, almost red flowers with yellow throat through the summer.  Hummers adore me!
        'Lucifer' Broad handsome sword-like foliage, brilliant red flowers, summer bloom. Tallest   of the Montbretias - 3'-4' tall.  Beautiful scarlet red flower spikes.  Sun.
Crambe cordifolia - Colewort - Massive ornamental plant for the garden!  Crambe will cover itself with a fragrant frothy mass of flowers above 5' tall glossy foliage.  A real border giant that grows in even poor, dry soil. Use it at the back of a flower bed as a backdrop for other flowers, or grow alone as a specimen plant.  Grow in full or part sun.  
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D is for…

Daylilies are listed under the letter H for Hemerocallis, the latin name for Daylily.
Delosperma ashtonii ‘Blut’ Ice Plant Bright magenta flowers bloom over green compact succulent foliage. This versatile, durable and low growing succulent plant can be used for gardens, green roofs and in the rockery.  Ice Plants are extremely drought tolerant and long blooming!   Sun.
cooperi – Ice Plant – A tough drought-resistant succulent ground cover with lavender daisy flowers all summer long! Its foliage shimmers like ice crystals in the sunlight.  Sun.
‘Oberg’ This Ice Plant is a charming groundcover for hot, dry areas. It looks great cascading over and down stonewalls, between flagstones or in the front of the garden. Pink buds open to dusty pale pink, daisy flowers from spring to fall. Flat mats of succulent foliage form tidy cushions. Grow Delosperma in full Sun.
‘Tiffindell Magenta’  A carpeting ice plant,  native to the mountains of South Africa. It produces a tight mat of evergreen foliage and bears small purple flowers early in spring.  Sun. 
Delphinium ‘Blue Butterfly’ – Delphinium – Noted for its multitude of blue blossoms, these plants are compact and bushy, only 12-18″ in bloom. No staking is necessary. 
‘Magic Fountain Mix’  A nice mix of the much loved Delphinium! Bushy 24″ tall in rich colors of  blues, purples, roses, and creams. Sun.
‘Pacific Giant Black Knight’ Deep, midnight violet-purple blooms with a dark bee. Giant 5′-6′ tall striking spikes of vibrant color great for  the back of the flower bed or up against a picket fence.  An old-fashioned  favorite!
‘Pacific Giant Blue Bird’  Clear blue flowers with a white center on this giant spiked Larkspur.  Grows 5′ tall. 
‘Summer Mornings’ A breakthrough in dwarf Delphiniums, charming ‘Summer Morning’ features well-branched foliage and a long season of pale rose-pink blooms. Plant in full sun, blooms June-Sept, 12″ tall.
‘Summer Nights’  Deepest blue flowers on a well branched plant.  Compact Delphinium grows only 18″ tall in full sun.  Blooms in summer.
‘Summer Skies’   Foliage is finely cut, but sturdy. Immense, graceful light to medium blue spikes with brilliant white centers. from early  Height 5′.
Dendranthema zawadskii ‘Clara Curtis’ Pink daisies on 24″ plants, hardy (Formerly Chrysanthemum).  Reblooms.  Cut back after blooming for repeat flowering.  Sun.  Deer-resistant.
‘Sheffield’ – Prolific long blooming apricot pink beauty blooming  30″-36″. Grows best in full sun and blooms Sept through Oct. Deer-resistant.
Dianthus – Maiden Pinks – Carnations -These mostly low-growing plants have been standard in perennial beds for years, and with good reason.  These pest free, long blooming mini carnations, often accompany clean blue green spikes of foliage.  Great in hot, dry areas.
barbatus – Sweet William – Flower colors so brilliant, they hurt your eyes! Reseeds freely     –  an old fashioned cottage garden favorite! 12” – 18” tall.
‘Coral Reef” Gorgeous coral colored mini carnation!  Strong, spicy fragrant double flowers on 12” butterfly friendly plants.
‘Cranberry Ice’ Late spring blooming pinks in shades of pink, magenta & white.  Striking plants, and deer resistant too!
deltoides ‘Pacino’ 6-8″ mat forming Maiden Pink bearing thousands of lavender flowers, sun.
gratianapolitanus ‘Firewitch’ Exceptional long period of bloom makes this this the 2006 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR. Low-growing foliage with fragrant magenta blooms.  Sun or part sun.
gratianapolitanus ‘Tiny Rubies’ Grass-like gray/green cushions of fragrant double pink carnation flowers. Irresistibly cute, only 6″ high. Cheddar Pinks are an old-time favorite.
‘Passion’ Double, rich velvety red scented flowers are the result of the latest breeding techniques in Dianthus. 12” tall mini carnations.  Compact & long blooming.
Dicentra – Bleeding Hearts – It’s always a sure sign that winter’s over when this lovely pendulous heart shaped flower blooms. Grow in shade or light shade for dependable beauty. Some varieties will bloom all summer. All Bleeding Hearts are DEER RESISTANT!
‘Burning Hearts’ Long-blooming stems of heart-shaped, deep rose red flowers arch above delicate, blue gray, fernlike foliage. Compact and mounding.  6″-12″ high 
cucullaria – Dutchman’s Breeches – One of America’s famous wildflowers, a small, wild version of Bleeding Heart with white flowers. Blooms early to mid-spring, and grows only 8″-12″ tall.  Shade lover.
eximia – Fringed Bleeding Heart – Longest blooming Bleeding Heart – Excellent shade plant 12″, very attractive to hummingbirds.
eximia ‘Snowflakes’ – White fringed Bleeding Heart – A beauty!
formosa ‘Luxuriant’ Cherry red blossoms from April – July,  tolerates some sun.
spectabilis Old-fashioned bleeding heart bearing heart shaped pink flowers in May & June,  36″ tall. Sun or part sun. Foliage turns yellow & dies back when done blooming.
spectabilis ‘Gold Heart’ Stunning golden leafed form of Bleeding Heart. Pink flowers form in early spring on 30” plants.  Deer Resistant!
spectabilis ‘Alba’ White old-fashioned Bleeding Heart grows 24″ in the shade.  Foliage dies back after blooming.
Digitalis – Foxglove – These well-known perennials are the source of the heart drug.  Grow in full sun or part shade.  Be sure to remove spent flower spikes, as side shoots will appear.  Foxgloves grow best in full sun, or very light shade.  FOXGLOVES ARE DEER-RESISTANT PLANTS.
 x ‘Foxy’ Dwarf Foxglove – This striking flower, with spotted throats, comes in a great mixture of colors – rose, lavender, cream, yellow & red in June & July.  Very showy compact plants grow 30″ tall.  Foxgloves grow best in full or part sun.
grandiflora – Yellow Foxglove 24″- 36″ tall, a self-seeder.  This yellow foxglove is a true perennial, coming back each year from its root system.
mertonensis – Strawberry Foxglove – True perennial foxglove bearing flower spikes the color of crushed strawberries, sun, part sun, 3-4′ tall.
purpurea ‘Candy Mountain’  The first foxglove with upward facing flowers!!  This makes the speckled throats of these large rose pink flowers clearly visible!  These gorgeous flowers bloom in abundance on 3-4′ tall flower stalks in early summer. Ideal for the middle or back of the border.  Sun or part sun.
purpurea ‘Camelot’ This series was selected for its vigor, reliability and heavy flowering for up to 6 weeks.  Big trumpet-shaped flowers form impressive pyramids on sturdy 48″ stems. Cream, Lavender, Rose & White flowers.
‘Dalmation’ Mix  A new Foxglove with outward facing flowers.  2’-3’ tall flowers add vertical accents to the garden.
purpurea ‘Excelsior’ Tall spikes of large bells in summer, sun or shade, 48″ tall.
purpurea ‘Giant Shirley’  Tall 4′ to 5′ erect plants with elongated spotted bell-shaped flowers of red, white and pink. Prefers a partly shaded location. 
purpurea ‘Polka Dot Pippa’ A new hybrid foxglove known for long and prolific displays of flowers.  Pippa displays large, coral flowers with apricot shadings.  36” tall.
purpurea ‘Virtuosa Red’ – A compact foxglove, 24″ tall, blooming in June. Cut back after flowering to tidy plant, and you will be rewarded with another flush of flowers.  Sun, part sun.  
purpurea ‘Virtuosa Rose’ Another great plant for semi-shaded areas.  Rose colored foxglove flowers on compact 24″ plants blooming in summer. 
Dodecatheon meadia 'Aphrodite' Consider Aphrodite to be a pink flowering Shooting Star on steroids. Clusters of intense violet pink flowers, which smell faintly of grapes, top 20" tall stalks, in mid to late spring.  Flowering lasts for several weeks, then gradually the leaves yellow and the plant goes dormant until the next spring. Shooting Stars like partial shade. Although a little slow to get to any size, once established Shooting Stars are long-lived and will naturalize freely. In masses, they are stunning. 
Doronicum ‘Little Leo’  Leopard’s Bane – Compact variety, bright yellow daisy flowers, 15″ tall, sun.
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E is for…

Echinacea – Purple Coneflower – This long blooming sun perennial flowers in the dead of summer into the fall.  It attracts butterflies and when it is done blooming, goldfinches.  This long-lasting perennial is a must for summer blooming gardens.  DEER RESISTANT!
purpurea Purple Coneflower – Outstanding sturdy summer blooming perennial bearing raspberry colored daisies in July and August. Goldfinches, our NJ state bird, enjoy their seed heads, so don’t remove spent flower heads.

‘Big Sky Harvest Moon’ Very distinctive bright yellow flowers with a brown center are 4 inches across!  Plants are 24″, compact and   well-branched.  Blooms in July, and re-blooms again later in the season, if deadheaded.  Sun. 
‘Big Sky Sundown’ Another exciting new orange Coneflower! A prolific bloomer, with its intense orange fragrant flowers.  The sturdy stems grow 36″-40″ tall. 
        ‘Big Sky Twilight’ Rose colored petals encircle a deep reddish brown cone. Heavily branched plant and very fragrant flowers.  
         ‘Bravado’ Deep rose non-drooping flowers bloom July and August. 30″ tall.
       ‘Bright Star’ A great candidate for planting en masse, Bright Star exhibits a uniform branching habit with long lasting rose pink flowers on top of 30″ tall plants.  An  excellent cut flower. Sun.

   ‘Cheyenne Spririt’     Award winning coneflower displays flower colors range from purple, pink, red & orange tones to yellows, creams & white.  3’ tall, blooms summer to fall.
      ‘Doubledecker’ New exciting Coneflower whose purple blooms start out looking like typical coneflowers, then produce a second tier of petals above the spiky   center.  This new variety will often produce plants with single blooms in the first season before they settle down in the second year and develop a high proportion   of double-decker blooms. Flowers are terrific for cutting and will attract butterflies.
     ‘Double Delight’ Compact, highly fragrant double pom-pom flowers on this 24″ tall plant.   Butterfly friendly!
      ‘Guava Ice’  Gigantic blooms of fully double guava colored flowers in summer.  24”-30” tall.  Unusual color with huge blooms! Butterflies!

            ‘Kim’s Knee High’ A compact or dwarf version of the familiar Coneflower,  this Echinacea grows only 20″ tall and blooms in June & July.  Great for smaller gardens. 
       ‘Magnus’ Great summer bloomer, large pink non-drooping daisies bloom all summer. Sun.  1998 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
       ‘Marmalade’ Hybrid coneflowers with ver interesting double blooms of rich marmalade orange.  Deer resistant and 24″ tall.
       ‘Pica Bella’ Thin, stiff petals radiate from the large golden center giving this long-blooming new Coneflower a unique textured appearance.  38″ tall.

          ‘Pink Double Delight’ Features fully double blooms with a central pom-pom of rose pink, surrounded by a circle of magenta-purple daisy petals. Flowers well from midsummer through fall, particularly when faded blooms are removed regularly. Attractive to butterflies.
         ‘PowWow White’ Large white flowers on 20″ compact plants.  New Coneflower series!
       ‘PowWow Wildberry’  Large dark pink flowers on this new compact 20″  Coneflower.‘Raspberry Truffle’  Salmon-pink flowers with sturdy 18″ stems.  Bushy  compact habit on this new Coneflower!
        ‘Sombrero’  An exciting small coneflower – the most compact and colorful dwarf Echinacea you can grow. Glowing pink petals stand out above 12″ foliage, sun, part sun. 
        ‘White Swan’ Coneflower, white flowers and golden centers. Wonderful cut flower.  Butterflies love me.  Sun.

Echinops bannaticus ‘Blue Glow’ Blue Thistle – 3′ tall, intense blue flower heads on spiny serrated leaves. Sun or part sun.
sphaerocephalus ‘Arctic Glow’ Tall wooly-gray stems, silvery 2″ golf-ball flower heads. Sun.
Epimedium grandiflora ‘Lilafee’ Barrenwort or Fairy Wings – Many lavender flowers on bright green foliage. Vigorous shade loving variety.  Nice woodland  perennial, long-lived, easy care.
perralchicum ‘Frohnleiten’ Eventually, one plant will become a colony of evergreen foliage with bright yellow flowers with short bronze spurs in early spring. Good hummingbird/butterfly plant. 12-16 inches. Full shade to part shade in a well-drained fertile soil. Great winter foliage color.
         ‘Sulphureum’ Yellow Fairy Wings – Bronze-green, pointed foliage with delicate yellow flowers on long slender stems. Good groundcover. Grows well under trees and in shady areas where few other plants will grow.

Eryngium alpinum ‘Blue Star’ Sea Holly features open umbels of steel-blue prickly flowers, which are a favorite for cutting, fresh or dried. This superb selection features large bristly flowers on strong stems, in a rich metallic blue shade.
       ‘Blue Hobbit’  This is the first genetically produced dwarf Sea Holly. It grows only 8″-12″ tall in full bloom making it perfect for the small garden or for the front or the edge of the garden.  Brilliant blue flowers completely cover the plant in mid-summer.
Eupatorium coelestiuum – Hardy Ageratum 18-24″ sky blue flowers blooming in late summer and early autumn. Vigorous, Sun. Butterfly plant.
       purpureum ‘Baby Joe’ Perfect size Joe Pye Weed for a smaller garden!  Baby Joe bears ample lavender flowers in late summer on compact 24″ plants.
purpureum (dubium) ‘Little Joe’ New! Big mauve flowers heads and attractive green 4′ foliage.  Upright compact foliage is shorter than the taller Joe Pye Weeds.  Garden worthy!
purpureum ‘Phantom’ An excellent 3-foot-tall perennial that was bred especially for smaller gardens and mixed containers. Plants have dark green, whorled foliage and handsome lavender/purple flower heads in late summer and fall. The blooms are darker when night temperatures are cool. Joe Pye weed attracts butterflies.
purpureum ‘Selection’ Joe Pye Weed – 5’ moisture lover, large lilac flower head, wonderful in the fall garden.  Sun, part sun.
rugosum ‘Chocolate’ Attractive chocolate colored foliage and bright white flowers in late summer & early fall. Stunning cut flower. 2-3′ tall.
Euphorbia characias x martinii ‘Blackbird’  Chartreuse flowers deepen to bronze on this spurge which grows 16″ tall.  Deep purple foliage, a striking new Euphorbia from England.

dulcis ‘Chameleon’  Dark bronze foliage grows 12″ on this compact spurge. Drought tolerant and easy care plants!  Sun.
‘Helenas Blush’ An interesting Proven Winners® variety with green leaves that are edged in creamy yellow. In cooler temperatures the foliage is blushing with fantastic pink highlights. Chartreuse flowers in spring make an intriguing display. A very drought tolerant perennial!    

martinii ‘Rudolph’  The red centers make this a charming winter plant and in the spring the bract tips are yellow with a red center. A very beautiful winter & spring ornamental spurge in a garden or for containers.
polychroma – Cushion Spurge 18″ mounds of yellow in spring, green in summer, red in fall.
seguieriana niciciana – Masses of small yellow floral bracts in mid summer.  Grow this easy-care Euphorbia in full sun.  Drought tolerant.

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F is for…

FERNS  – In a landscape setting, ferns make striking accents in the shady garden.  While many plants are grown for their flowers, ferns are noted for their finely textured leaves and pleasing green color.  Some fern varieties have fronds that are a light green, some dark green, and others with surprising colors of grey, silver, red and blue-green.  
Adiantum pendatum 5 Finger Maidenhair Fern –  This fern thrives in moist, rich soil but also grows well in all but the driest of garden sites. This is one of our most elegant natives. The light airy texture serves as a perfect backdrop for hostas and other bold foliage plants. 24″ tall, shade.
Athyrium pycnocarponGlade Fern – Green arching fronds 2′-3′ tall grows well in part shade to full shade. Very hardy clump forming woodland fern.
Athryrium filix feminaLady Fern – Lovely bright yellow green fern with wide, deeply cut leaves. Part shade and moist soil, a real favorite!
Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’ Japanese Painted Fern – Colorful, with soft gray, red and green flushed fronds. Light to moderate shade. 12″-18″ tall. 2004 PERENNIAL  PLANT OF THE YEAR!

Dennstaedtia punctilobulaHayscented Fern – Lacy, triangular, light green frondswhich grow 12″-18″ tall forming a dense carpet. The crushed fronds do have the scent of fresh hay!
Onoclea sensibilisSensitive Fern – Commonly called sensitive fern because the green vegetative fronds are sensitive to and suffer almost immediate damage from the first fall frost. It is a large, coarse, deciduous fern growing 3′-4′ tall.  Shade.
Osmunda cinnamonea Cinnamon Fern – The Cinnamon Fern has fertile fronds that emerge early and mature into an appealing cinnamon colored fuzzy fiddleheads. This fern has a golden yellow fall color and is an elegant shade plant growing 3′-5′ tall.
Osmunda regalis – Royal Fern – Slow spreading fern. Can be grown in wet soil, in full sun or partial shade. Lance-shaped, light green fronds with leaf segments resembling the leaves of an ash tree.
Polystichum acrosticoides Christmas Fern – Very hardy evergreen fern of deep rich green color. Leaflets are lance-shaped in dense clusters. Shade or part shade, 2′-3′ tall.

Filipendula ‘Kahome’ This dwarf (8-12″ tall) Meadowsweet blooms in July and August with a fine froth of rosy flowers over low mounds of pale green foliage.
ulmaria ‘Variegata’ The combination of dark green leaves and yellow variegation is quite attractive. Blooms appear in July, are fragrant, and resemble those of Astilbe.
Fallopia japonica ‘Variegata’ Wonderful foliage plant with green heart-shaped leaves which are splashed with irregular splotches of creamy-white. Stems are pink and new growth is a shocking coral color. Fragrant, white blooms in August. Clump-forming plant that does not run. A great ornamental for part to full shade in moist, well-drained soil, 30″-36″.  A favorite in our garden!
Fragaria frel ‘Pink Panda’ Pink ornamental strawberry – long blooming plants with deep pink flowers. Produces small, but perfectly edible strawberries.  Sun.
          ‘Lipstick’ Large hot pink flowers, great groundcover. Sun. These ornamental strawberry plants bear deliciously sweet edible strawberries.  Sun or shade.

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G is for…

Gaillardia – Blanket Flower – One tough sun perennial named after blankets traditionally worn by Native Americans.  These  plants withstand dry, tough areas and will bloom continuously through the season.  These Native plants grow best  in full sun.
            ‘Arizona Apricot’ Early blooming compact blanket flower.  This 12″ award winner boasts an unusual pastel blend of apricot & yellow.
‘Arizona Sun’ Grand 4″ mahogany red flowers with yellow edge.  Grow in full sun, 18″-20″ tall. 
‘Baby Cole’ Showy, red & yellow bicolor flowers in summer bloom heavily on 6″ compact plants.
‘Burgundy’ Solid burgundy colored flower grows 18″ tall in full sun.
‘Dazzler’ Heat tolerant perennial with large, bicolor yellow & red rays surrounding a burgundy center.

‘Fanfare Blaze’ Large, red-orange fluted petals on this vigorous 12″ compact Blanket Flower. New.‘Gallo Peach’  Showy bi-color blooms on this new Blanket Flower. Grows 12″ tall.‘Gallo Yellow’  Forked yellow petals on compact 10″ – 12″ plants. New Blanket Flower Gallo series!
‘Goblin’ This showy wildflower of red and yellow is one of the best, grows 12″ sunny, dry.
‘Golden Goblin’
 Brilliant yellow variety of blanket flower.
‘Granada’  Blooms of red ring with golden yellow tips. Upright. Bright yellow daisy with deep crimson center.
They cut very well and last a long time. The long bloom season makes Blanket Flower a useful plant. Sun.
‘Mesa Peach’ Inense yellow/peach daisy flowers on “non-flop” plants.  Great compact butterfly plant.
‘Oranges & Lemons’ Super long-blooming, easy-to-grow new Blanket Flower boasts as many as 75 flowers open at one time! Each daisy is about 2 inches  wide, with bright tangerine petals tipped in yellow and surrounding a saucy orange-and-yellow central cone.  18″ tall.
Gaillardias tolerate poor soil and  drought conditions, once established. Sun.
Galium odoratum – Sweet Woodruff – Fragrant sprawling plant blooming in late spring. Shade or semi-shade.
Gaura lindheimeri – Wand Flower – Charming pinkish white, butterfly shaped blooms, dangle over the plant. 30″, Sun or part sun. Cut back to tidy plant after blooming.  Sun or part sun.
     ‘Passionate Rainbow’  New pink Gaura that offers even more than flowers, thanks to its beautiful variegated foliage.  The pink pigment from the flowers also gives the foliage a reddish-pink coloration. This well-branched, selection is topped from spring through summer with 2′ tall spikes of bright pink flowers.

     ‘Passionate Rainbow Petite’  The narrow, tricolor variegated green leaves are bordered in creamy white on this compact 12″ Gaura. Early spring foliage is burgundy red that matures to green, with cream accents and pink stems. Soft pink flowers with magenta centers bloom late spring to fall.  Flower formation differs from other Gauras: the pink flowers form at the tips and on side branches rather than on long wispy stems. Exceptionally long flowering and great garden performance. Sun or part sun.
    ‘Pink Fountain’ Sometimes called Whirling Butterflies, these deep pink flowers quiver over long, slender stems that entertain butterflies. Blooms summer to fall, hardy & drought tolerant.
     ‘Snow Fountain’  Cascading petals of white flowers bloom all summer long on this Gaura.   Trim Gaura back after blooming for repeat performance.  Full sun is best!
     ‘Siskiyou Pink’ Gaura comes from the Greek word meaning superb, and this one is. Lovely pink flowers, sun.

Geranium cantabrigiense ‘Biokovo’ Pinkish-white blossoms, red foliage in fall. Good for groundcover or rockery. Sun/part shade.  2015 PERENNIAL PLANT OF THE YEAR! 
     ‘Ballerina’ This beautiful, mounded, dwarf perennial has gray-green leaves and large, purplish pink flowers with purple veins and eyes.  Sun or part shade.
     ‘Brookside’ Cranesbill Geranium – Rich sapphire blue with a tiny white eye.  Deeply serrated foliage with mounding habit that stays attractive all summer.  Sun or part sun, 12″-18″ tall.  ALL PERENNIAL GERANIUMS ARE DEER-RESISTANT!
‘Espresso’  Pale lavender flowers over red/brown foliage.  A beautiful new cranesbill geranium useful for shaded areas. 
     x oxonianum ‘Claridge Druce’ Bushel basket sized plant with magenta pink flowers.
     ‘Patricia’ – The Geranium ‘Patricia’ is a vigorous  hybrid, and an exceptionally long bloomer bearing magenta flowers.  These low growing mounds of dark green leaves topped with pastel blooms make   geraniums an unequaled addition to the perennial border. Their carefree growing habits make them an ideal   low maintenance plant that will grow anywhere and provide years of beauty.
‘Pink Penny’ This as a rose-pink version of the spectacular ‘Rozanne’. The blooms are  whiskered with dark veins and just keep on coming from early summer well into fall against a background of softly serrated leaves. This geranium grows well in containers or perennial borders, and flowers best in full sun.

‘Rozanne’  One of the most garden worthy geraniums on the market!  Large blue flowers from mid-June to October on mounds of green foliage marbled with chartreuse.  Foliage turns red in fall.  18″ -20″ tall.  Sun or part shade. 2008 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
phaeum ‘Samobor’ This Croatian beauty bears purple flowers and a chocolate brown blotch on each leaf. Cut back after flowering to promote a fresh flush of growth & flowers. 24″ tall, sun or part sun.
sanguineum ‘Album’ This variety forms a low mound of fine-textured green foliage, bearing a bright display of clear-white flowers in late spring and early summer. Plants stand up well to a wide range of soil and climate conditions, including hot, humid weather.‘Splish Splash’ Unique blue & white tie-dye colored geranium, blooms 24″ – 36″ tall.
     ‘Sweet Heidi’ Brilliant tricolor blossoms with blue-purple petals that have a pink ring surrounding the white eye, are perpetually produced all summer.  Deep purple stamens and veining add even more beauty.  Sprawling habit.  Grows to 12”.
macrorrhizum ‘Walter Ingwersen’ Lavender pink flowers over glossy green foliage. Sun or part sun, 2′ tall.
Geum ‘Mrs. Bradshaw’ Red, double, daisy-like flowers on 2′ plants in June. Sun. Reliable old-fashioned Geum.‘Lady Stratheden‘ Double yellow, daisy flowers, good cut flower.
coccineum ‘Borisii’ Brilliant orange flowers, tufts of bright green toothed leaves, 12″ high, sun or part sun. 

‘Tequila Sunrise’ Bright yellow flowers with rose edges can be found as both single and semi-double blooms from late spring into summer.  This compact plant is butterfly friendly, and Deer resistant.  Easy care & Drought tolerant plant suitable for sun or part sun.
GRASSES Hardy grasses add texture and vertical accent to the perennial bed. Their interest extends into the winter months, when little else is still standing. Give them a try. You’ll be hooked!
Acorus ‘Ogoni’ Sweet Flag – Golden yellow striped sweet flag is a good border grass.  It grows only  10″ tall, making it a perfect choice for container gardening.  Sun or   part sun. Enjoys moist soil, lending itself to pond plantings.  Can also be submerged into pond.
Arundo donax – Giant Reed Grass – Robust perennial grass growing 5′-7′ tall.  Reeds for woodwind musical instruments are still made from this plant even today.
Calamagrostis ‘Carl Foerster’ Feather Reed Grass – Tall plumes to 5′ tall, with golden wheat colored seed heads. 2001 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
‘Overdam’ White edged erect stems in compact 3′ clumps.  Pink plumes in early summer.  Sun or part shade.
‘stricta’ Slightly shorter Feather Reed Grass, 2′-3′ tall, but the difference in this grass is that it will grow quickly in moist soil. Tan flower plumes in summer.  Thrives in wet soil.  Sun.
Carex flagellifera ‘Toffee Twist’ an evergreen perennial grass that has a dense clumping growth habit. The foliage is a mahogany color with green and red hues.  This 18″ grass is non-invasive, low maintenance, and is attractive year round. Great in the landscape as a specimen or massed, in rock gardens, near water gardens, and in container gardens.
Chasmanthium latifolium -Northern Sea Oats – Dangling oat-like seed heads hang from rich bamboo like foliage.  Prefers moist wooded areas and creek bottoms.  Sun or shade, grows 2′-3′ tall.
Deschampsia – Tufted Hair Grass -This 36″ tall grass produces large, open panicles of silver flowers.  The plant grows best in moist soils when exposed to sun or in shade. A tolerance for wet soils makes the plant useful for planting near water.
Elymus ‘Blue Dune’ – Vigorous grass bearing bright blue blades, growing 30″ tall.  Ideal for around shrubs & tree areas in the garden.  Sun.
Eragrostis trichodes – Love Grass – A spectacular flowering accent grass!  Showy seed heads emerge on heavy flower stems that bend towards the ground.  Grows 12″ – 24″ tall.  Grow in full sun.
Erianthus ravennae – Ravenna Grass – A hardy tall grass, often referred to as a perennial Pampas Grass.  Upright spreading flower plumes appear in summer. Native gray-green foliage grows 9′ to 12′ high. Average soil is best, and this grass doesn’t mind wet feet, lending itself to pond areas well.
Fargesia rufa ‘Green Panda’ Bamboo is very vigorous clumping bamboo, forming new shoots in spring and quickly developing into a large clump. Green Panda thrives in full sun but tolerates quite a bit of shade. It matures at 6 to 8 feet tall and as wide, so it’s ideal in a smaller garden.
 ‘Green Screen’ Clumping Bamboo tolerates full, hot sun better than other Fargesias. It grows quickly to form a large clump, 15 to 18 feet tall. New shoots form in early spring, and the stems hold on to a distinctive sheathing that makes this plant stand out even further. Mature plants have a fountain shape, that can be 12 feet wide at the top, so allow room when planting.
‘Great Wall’ Non-invasive clumping bamboo perfect for hedges, forms a 15′-18′ wall of attractive bamboo foliage. These bamboos are a superior new generation of plants!  NEW
Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’– Blue Fescue Grass. The best blue grass!  Attractive steel blue foliage that holds up in extreme summer heat.  Sun or part sun.  Great for the border or around pond area!
Hakonechloa ‘All Gold’  is a new dwarf form of Japanese forest grass that creates an appealing bright spot in the shady or woodland garden. The bamboo-like leaves are bright gold in part sun and more chartreuse in full shade. 12″ tall. 
‘Aureola’ Golden Hakone Grass – One of the most eye-catching small grasses, forming elegant arching clumps of vividly striped bright gold and lime-green foliage that holds its color throughout the season.  When grown in full sun this cultivar often develops a slight reddish tinge. Can tolerate part sun and is superb planted with hostas , and outstanding grown on its own in a striking container. 2009 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
‘Fubuki’ – Brand new variegated Japanese Forest Grass. This new variety does a great job illuminating shady spots with its variegated green and white foliage.  Grows 14″-18″ tall. 
Lagurus ovatus ‘Bunny Tails’ A most appealing ornamental grass, perfectly named because the cream-colored oblong flower heads. They are as soft & fluffy as a bunny’s tail. This grass is very attractive in the garden or in a pot. Plumes makes a wonderful dried flower. Grows 18” tall.  Full sun. Reseeds.
Liriope muscari  – Lily Turf – Lily Turf forms a dense evergreen groundcover with a grass like appearance.  It blooms in July & August with lavender or purple flower spikes.  Although the flowers are individually small, they are very showy, since each plant has many spikes of blooms.  Clusters of bluish black berry like fruit follows the flowers.  Sun or shade, 10″ high.
‘Big Blue’ is a clumping, grass-like evergreen perennial with dark green leaves and will get up to 12″-18″ in height. ‘Big Blue’ has lilac buds and flower spikes in late summer followed by black berries. Excellent border plant and groundcover. Lily Turf is extremely versatile and will take full sun to full shade.
‘variegata’ Variegated Lily Turf, great used as an edging, showy, grows only 6″ tall.spicata

Silvery Dragon’
Versatile evergreen perennial with narrow highly variegated grass-like foliage . In summer, pale purple flowers are followed by whitish-green berries. An effective accent for sun or shade as a groundcover or edging. Grows to 10″ high, spreads to 18″ wide.
Miscanthus sinensis ‘Adagio’ Maiden Grass – A compact Miscanthus forming a neat 4′ mound.  An excellent choice for small gardens & plantings.  Full sun.
‘Cosmopolitan’   Variegated Maiden Grass – Nice addition with wide, robust leaves of creamy white and green variegation. Non-floppy habit. The royalty of the grass kingdom, with billowy texture, silky tassels, many different heights and colorations, and great winter interest.  6′-7′ tall.  Sun.
‘Giganteus’ It is exactly what it says it is – gigantic! This Maiden Grass grows to a magnificent 12′ tall.  Grow in full sun and enjoy its full beauty.
‘Morning Light’ One of the best & most sought after Miscanthus varieties.  It is perfectly suited for the garden with its compact 3′-5′ silver variegated foliage.  Grows best in full sun.
‘Variegatus’ Green and white vertical striped Maiden Grass grows 5′-7′ tall. Yellow plumes in summer.  Magnificent in the garden! Sun.
‘Zebrinus’ Zebra Grass –Commonly known as zebra grass, this 8′ tall popular grass is characterized by its banded variegation of golden yellow bars.  Plumes appear in September.  Sun.
var. condensatus ‘Cabaret’ Wide ribbon-like foliage. Creamy white and green variegated grass, 9′ tall plant  is useful as  specimen grass, a garden accent, planted en mass, or even remarkably, a container plant.
‘Central Park’ Japanese Silver Grass – Deep green 9′ foliage makes an excellent natural privacy screen.  Sun.
var. purpurascens – Flame Grass – 4′-5′ tall Flame Grass is  known for its red foliage and white plumes/blooms in July & August.  Sun.
‘Strictus’ Stunning gold-banded foliage is ideal for the garden or landscape, screening, or at water’s edge. Striking with yellow-flowered plants or combined with shrubs and evergreens for winter effect.
Molinia caerulea ‘Skyracer’ grows to about 3′ tall, and in late summer sends up delicate flower panicles reaching a height of 6′. This finely-textured ornamental grass is great for areas where you need height but don’t have space for a wider, heavier plant. Plant in a sunny garden.  Great golden  color in fall.
Nassella (Stipa) Mexican Feather Grass – Deer resistant 2′ grass with fine, needle like foliage.  Silky green flowers in June mature to golden blonde.  Sun.
Ophlopogon japonicus ‘Gyoku-ryu – Super Dwarf Mondo – “Simply irresistible” is the best way to describe this dwarf version of mondo grass with dark green grass-like foliage, which eventually makes a wonderful tight mat in even the worst of conditions. Plant dwarf mondo for a wonderful evergreen groundcover. We’ve heard this could best be described as looking like a rich, dark green lawn of pre-mowed grass… what a great idea!
Panicum virgatum ‘Cloud Nine’ Giant Blue Switch GrassThis ornamental switch grass is the tallest, growing 5′-7′ tall. It forms  a giant clump of metallic blue foliage which is topped in summer by finely textured golden flower panicles which hover over the foliage like an airy cloud.
Dallas Blues’  Wide steel blue leaves grow 6′-8′ tall topped with reddish purple plume seed heads.  These plumes are just waiting to become a flower arrangement.
‘Heavy Metal’ Switch Grass – Leaves are 5′ tall, metallic blue with a very erect, upright habit.  Delicate seed heads in summer.  Sun/ part sun.
‘Shenandoah’ Best burgundy color of all the Switch Grasses.  Deep green foliage takes on a red coloring by mid-summer.  Sun or part sun.
Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’ Dwarf 18″ Fountain Grass. White plumes in late summer.
‘Little Bunny’ This Miniature Fountain Grass is ideal for rock gardens or garden edge.   With a plant height of 8-10″, it is one of the smallest in its family. ‘Little Bunny’ should be planted in full sun to part shade. The plumes  will appear from August to October, appearing whitish green. It is very suitable for border fronts, and the plumes can be used in fresh and dried flower arrangements.
alopecuroides ‘Moudry’ Black Fountain Grass, 2’-3’ tall, rich brown plumes in late summer. Full sun.‘orientale’ Oriental fountain grass is an unusually low-growing mounding, and compact fountain grass whose gracefully cascading clump of dense foliage rarely gets over 1′ tall.  The showy flower plumes are carried all summer and autumn.
setaceum ‘Cupureum Compactum’– Dwarf Red Fountain Grass  with pink blooms from late summer to frost. Grows 12″ tall.  Not winter hardy, but worthwhile to grow in containers & window boxes.
Phalaris arundicacea picta – Ribbon Grass – 24″ tall, extremely showy and durable. Spreads rapidly. Suitable for wet areas, can take some shade.
‘Dwarf Garters’  This grass  is an outstanding, upright variegated arching grass.  Showy, soft white flowers rise 6 – 12″ above the foliage. Ribbon grasses are aggressive growers, so plant  accordingly.
‘Strawberries & Cream’ Prized for its white-striped foliage blushed with pink. In June it bears panicles of soft white flowers that reach 18″ to 36″. This aggressive grower loves moist, fertile soil, and makes an appealing accent plant, pond border, or massed planting. Variegated Ribbon grasses are pest and disease-free. They can also grow right in a shallow pond. Prefers full sun. The narrow variegated leaves have a tall brown seed head atop green stems.
Sorghastrum nutans ‘Indian Steel’ – Indian Grass – Prairie native clumping grass with striking 4′ metallic blue foliage.  Upright plumes appear in August.   END OF GRASSES

G is for…cont’d.

Gypsophila – Baby’s Breath – This lime-loving plant comes in many sizes, from a low growing mat, to 3′ tall panicles of blooms.  In the cutting garden, plant in full sun or light shade.
cerastoides – Mouse Ear gypsophila – Tiny white flowers are veined and tinged with pink.  Succulent foliage is gray and furry.  A real cutie!
paniculata ‘Happy Festival’ A more compact Baby’s Breath (24″) tall with bigger double pink blooms.  wonderful cut flower, sun.
‘Summer Sparkles’
Compact and airy sprays of tiny white semi-double flowers envelop the lance-shaped, blue-green foliage. New Summer Sparkles is ideal for tight gardens and even containers at just 16″ tall. Retains crisp clean white color when dried. 
‘Viettes Dwarf’ Attractive edging Baby’s Breath with clouds of tiny pink flowers in summer, 18″ tall.
repens ‘Rosea’ Very dainty, Creeping Baby’s Breath covered with pink flowers. Only 6″ high,  sun.
White’ – Same as above but with beautiful white flowers. Takes some shade.

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H is for…

Helenium autumnale ‘Red & Gold’ Helen’s Flower 3-4’ red and gold daisy flowers in summer and fall. Sun or part sun.
‘Ruby Tuesday’ Very compact variety of Helen’s Flower, with plenty of small, dark red  daisy-like flowers with long petals fanned around a prominent center. Flowers are held on tall, 18″ upright stems.
Helianthus salicifolius ‘First Light’ – Perennial Sunflower – Tall, late summer flowering perennial. Golden yellow flowers on willowy foliage,  easy, full sun.
Heliopsis helianthoidesSummer Sun’ Perennial producing yellow sunflower-like flowers from summer to frost.  Plant in the back of the flowerbed or  up against a picket fence.  Great summer bloomer, very tough. Good cut flower. Sun.
Helleborus orientalis -Lenten Rose – Lovely low-mounding perennial blooming from winter until early spring. 12’ high, Shade. ALL HELLEBORUS ARE DEER-PROOF!!!   2005 PERENNIAL PLANT OF THE YEAR
‘Ivory Prince’  One of the first perennials to bloom each season.  Beautiful, evergreen foliage grows 18″ tall. Outward facing flowers are ivory painted with rose and chartreuse. Early buds are burgundy pink over blue gray foliage. Charming and welcome first flowering perennials of spring.
‘Queen Mix’  A kaleidoscope of colour in the spring. Wonderful mix of double blooms on tough green foliage. The flowers bloom in late winter and early spring & foliage is evergreen.  Prefers part shade.

Hemerocallis – Daylilies – Few perennials have earned the widespread popularity enjoyed by daylilies in this country. These easy and accommodating plants are seen in formal & informal gardens, contributing color and elegance throughout the season. Sun or Part Sun.

Amethyst Reflections –  Lavender & violet flower blend with white edge.  28″ tall daylily.  Sun
Awesome Blossom – Antique rose colored flowers with plum eye on 24″ stems bloom in mid-June.
Bermuda Bay – A coral rose daylily with a very ruffled edge of ivory cream and gold. Repeat bloomer, 28″, Sun.
Blackjack Cherry – Dark red (almost black) blossoms, 5″ in diameter, with light burgundy watermark, a beauty!  20″ tall.  Sun.
Bonanza –  Soft, orange-yellow blooms with a very well defined orange-red halo. Blooms late June or early July, repeating until fall. Fragrant flowers reach 34” tall. Prefers regular deadheading for best blooming. Full to part sun.
Buttered PopcornNot just another gold daylily! One of the best reblooming daylilies with large golden flowers.  Count on Buttered Popcorn for masses of brilliant blooms. Excellent for the landscape and anywhere you want a splash of brilliant color.  32″ tall, mid to late season bloomer.

Calypso Bay – Melon colored flower with yellow throat, 28″, rebloomer. Sun.

Canadian Border Patrol –  Cream colored 6″ flowers with purple center and purple edging.  28″ tall.  Sun.
Catherine Woodbury  –  6” Pale lavender flower with yellow throat blooms mid to late season. Fragrant flowers.   Award winning daylily grows 30” tall.
Chicago Apache – Its ruffled, 5″ scarlet-red flowers feature contrasting black anthers and green-throats and & its red color rarely fades in the sun. 27″ tall. Blooms mid to late summer.

Cozy Morning – Rose colored flowers with dark red center.   Sun.

Double Cutie – Yellow green double flowers rebloom all summer.  It is an early to mid-season bloomer, and grows only 13″ high.
Eenie Weenie – Very small, golden yellow flower, blooms mid June, only 8” tall.
English Cameo –  Light cream & peach blend flowers.  Sun.  
Entering Warp Speed – Cream, burgundy and charcoal colored daylily.  30″ tall.  Sun.
Free Bird – Medium lavender flower with light blue center and gold edge.  26″ tall.  Sun.
French Cavalier – Ivory cream-colored daylily with plum colored eye and edge. 26″ tall.  Sun.
Good Old Boy – Bright yellow/gold flowers with dark purple eye, and lighter purple edge.  Sun.

Green Puff – Chartreuse yellow small to medium flowers, recurved flower with slight ruffle, cute, blooms mid-June, 12 flowers per flower stem.
Happy Returns – 3″ yellow flower, ruffled/crepe petals, excellent rebloomer, 18″ tall.
Hearts & Lace – Red with rose edges on the petals and a yellow green throat.  Mid-season rebloomer on 28″ stems.  Sun.
Hyperion – A garden standard, many medium lemon yellow flowers, extremely fragrant, 36” strong plants.  Great daylily for mass plantings.
Joan Senior –  Creamy white flowers with lime green throat. The very best white! Early to mid bloomer, 25″ tall.
Just Kiss Me -Light cream flowers with red center and red edging.  Sun.
Little Wort – Dwarf 12-15” tall, clear lavender flower with dark lavender ring, chartreuse throat, small flower, blooms mid-June.
Maestro Puccini – Medium rose colored blend flowers, 28″ tall.  Sun.
Mini-Pearl –  Excellent, small blush-pink flower with a green-lemon throat and good bud count. Shiny foliage and also a rebloomer.  Grows 16″ tall, with early to mid season flowers.
Ming Toy – Small red/rust flower, orange yellow throat, early bloomer mid-June, 24-30” tall, many flowers.
Minstrel Fire – Light lemon colored flowers with burnt orange center and gold edge. Sun.
Molly’s Mentor – Pink/purple flowers on 36″ stems. Sun.
Only Thrill –  Creamy yellow flowers with rose colored eye and gold edge. 20″ high.  Sun.
Papa Gallina – Double peach flower blooming the end of June, 16″ tall.  Sun.
Pardon Me –  A bounty of garnet red flowers bloom mid-summer over a very long blooming period.  20″ tall.
Pat Garrity – Gold with ruby red throat.   Reblooming daylily growing 25″ tall.
Prairie Blue Eyes – Medium lavender double tone with distinct lemon throat ruffled with slight recurve, blooms late June, vigorous plant with many flower stems, very long blooming, 32-34” plant, 8 flowers per stem, heavy bloomer.
Raspberry Beret – Gold-amber with cranberry eye and edge, 28″ tall, blooms midseason, rebloomer.
Robespierre – 30″ scarlet red blend daylily.  Sun.
September Sunrise – Light melon orange blend, 26″ tall, reblooming daylily, Sun.
Shimmering Elegance -Pink with gold filigreed edge, ruffled flower, 26″ tall.  Sun.
Simply Sensational – Pink, with creamy halo, gold edge and green throat, Repeat bloomer, 25″ tall.
Stello D’Oro – Award winning dwarf daylily bearing golden flowers, repeat profuse bloomer, 18-20” tall.
Vanilla Sorbet – Creamy white flowers bloom on 28″ high plants. Beautiful in the evening garden. Sun. 


Herbs – There is a wonderful selection listed at the end of Perennials, under Starter Perennials (4.5″ Pots). 
Hesperis matronalis Dames Rocket – Beautiful, fragrant violet flower clusters on 36″ stems bloom at the same time as lilac, making a stunning combination.  Plant in sun or partly shaded area of garden.  Reseeds freely.
Heuchera ‘Amethyst Myst’ This Coral Bell has unique, deep purple foliage that is dusted with silver, unlike the other burgundies of its family. In springtime, light pink flowers appear that last into the summer.  15″ tall.  Shade, part sun.  PROVEN WINNER
‘Can Can’ – This hybrid Coral Bells selection is a terrific foliage plant for adding a touch of color towards  the front of a shady garden. The heavily ruffled silver-grey leaves have contrasting dark veins and a rich wine-red reverse. Taller sprays of ivory flowers appear in late spring.
           ‘Caramel’ Uniquely colored Amber foliage on a large, bold, vigorous plant.
       Citronelle’ A vigorous, clump forming, compact coral bell cultivar that features stunning yellow green leaves.  Citronelle is also very tolerant of hot humid summer.  Grows best in part shade.
         ‘Crimson Curls’ Distinctively curly, ruffled crimson foliage topped with airy white flowers! This Coral Bell has contrasting crimson undersides.  Beautiful  burgundy foliaged perennial for the shade garden!
‘Dale’s Strain’ Marbled foliage holds its exceptional silver-blue color well from full sun to deep shade. Flowers are pale white, but it’s the marbled foliage that makes this such a beautiful plant choice for the shade garden.
‘Hercules’ Strong 12″-18″ tall, variegated green & white variegated foliage with crimson red flowers.  Very showy shade plant!
‘Kassandra’ Very unique multi-colored Coral Bell with deep red young foliage transitioning to green, brown, yellow – all in one plant. Bred to combine strength and color by crossing more robust species, these unique Heuchera varieties exhibit a broad range of foliage colors. They stand up to heat and humidity much better than older Coral Bell hybrids.  Shade or Part Sun.
‘Molly Bush’   A vigorous, clump-forming coral bells cultivar that features large, crinkled, maple-like, dark purple leaves. Tiny bell-shaped greenish-white flowers appear on slender stems rising above the foliage from June to August.  24″ tall.
‘Palace Purple’ 1991 PERENNIAL OF YEAR Unusual deep mahogany-red leaves, white flowers, sun/shade.
‘Plum Pudding’ Shiny foliage of “shimmering plum purple”, compact habit, 12” tall.
‘Prince’ Very dark purple, palm-shaped leaves, which are heavily ruffled, are crowned with a cloud of small white flowers carried on reddish purple stalks in late spring.
‘Prince of Orange’ Attractive, ruffled leaves in varying shades of orange to brown. Grows larger than most with cream flowers that bloom May-June.
‘Raspberry Regal’  Tall elegant wands of showy raspberry-red blooms, 30″ tall.
‘Regina’ Burgundy leaves, silver markings, 36″ tall stems blooming pink flowers in late spring. One of the best!
‘Silver Scrolls’ This new introduction is a spiral mound of  leaveseach resembling a stained glass mosaic. Each silver leaf has dark purple veining and when it emerges in spring, is awash with a purple overlay. In late spring, the clumps are topped with 2′ narrow upright spikes of white flowers. This is a real winner!
sanguinea ‘Splendens’ Shade tolerant 15″ mound, many tiny scarlet flowers on 2′ stems.  Flowers are extremely attractive to hummingbirds.  Part sun, shade.
‘Stormy Seas’  Deep bronze-purple leaves are nicely cut with deeply frilled edges.  Foliage has highlights of silver, lavender and pewter.  Great texture and color in the shade garden.  Light rose colored blooms over 36″ stems.  Extremely vigorous Coral Bell.
‘Tiramasu’ Very showy hybrid representing a breakthrough in Coral Bell breeding.  In spring the chartreuse foliage bears a brick red midrib.  Fantastic compact habit!
‘Velvet Night’  Very large slate black leaves, with  metallic purple overlays. Tall but delicate heads of small flowers rise up above the foliage . The magnificent colored foliage and wisps of light flowers make it an awesome garden delight.
‘Venus’ Large silver leaves accented by dark green veins.  Nearly white bell-shaped flowers appear in late spring to early summer on slender, wiry stems rising well above the foliage mound . Part of a “planet” Heuchera series from the Netherlands.
Heucherella ‘Sunrise Falls’ A vigorous, trailing Heucherella (hybrid Coral Bell/Foamflower) with large, yellow, maple-shaped leaves and red veins. Fall leaves have dramatic red tints. The stems will trail in a container making a wonderful hanging basket or a super groundcover. Great shade or partly-shaded groundcover or specimen plant, alongside Hosta and other shade lovers!
Hibiscus coccineus – Swamp Hibiscus – Bronze segmented leaves, brilliant red 6″-8″ wide open flowers, sun.  Can tolerate wet or boggy conditions, as well as average garden soil.  All Hibiscus are adored by hummingbirds.
‘Bordeaux’ This hardy hibiscus, ‘Bordeaux’ grows with upright, branching stems, a partly woody base, and enormous flowers. A member of the large-flowered Carafe Series, all named after wines and descended from a species native to the eastern U.S., it blooms with red-centered pinkish-red flowers the size of dinner plates that last for two to three days and are replaced continuously from mid summer until early fall by new flowers from multiple clusters of buds. The plant is compact and upright and the flowers tend to face outward, with several fully open at a time from mid-summer through autumn.
‘Disco Belle Mix’ Hibiscus -Very large flowers on 2′ bushes red, white or pink blooms in late summer.  Sun.
‘Grenache’ True pink Hibiscus flowers in summer on this 3′ tall summer blooming winter hardy hibiscus.  Part of the new Hibiscus Vintage Carafe Series. Sun.
‘Lady Baltimore’ HibiscusWell-defined pink flowers with satiny red centers, sun, 4′ tall.
‘Lord Baltimore’ HibiscusBrilliant red flowers up to 10″ across, WOW! Sun.
‘Peppermint Schnapps’  Large candy pink flowers on this 4′ tall perennial Hibiscus in summer.  Part of the new Hibiscus Cordial Series. Sun.
‘Pinot Grigio’ Compact 30″ tall Hibiscus, with white flowers blushed with pink edge. Flowers in summer in the sun garden. Part of the new Hibiscus Vintage Splash Series.
‘Southern Belle Mix’ Perennial Hibiscus -Nice mix of red, pink and white 3′ bushes bloom in late summer. Sun.
Horseradish – Horseradish roots are a must for any garden. Their prolific habit produces a crop that will surely spice up any menu. From cocktail sauce to mustard, fresh grated horseradish will liven up anything it touches. Digging the mature roots in early spring, or late fall will provide roots that can store for months. Once planted, horseradish roots will last a lifetime. Horseradish’s  handsome foliage add texture to any perennial bed.  Plant in full sun, grows 24″ tall.
Since Hostas are shade and moisture tolerant plants, they provide a solution to trouble spots in the garden. Hostas are a long-living perennial, providing interesting foliage and a variety of flowers. Landscape uses for Hosta include walks, borders, mass plantings, accents, containers, and pond edges. While Hostas are not a bog plant, they do very well at pond-side, with their toes constantly wet.

Abba Dabba Do – Sturdy, large, pointed green leaves with a bright yellow edge that widens with age. Tolerates sun, light lavender flowers in summer.
Antioch – Wide creamy margins, mottled leaf, lavender flowers. Shade, part sun.

Albo Marginata – A favorite! White margins, dark green center, lavender blossoms in summer. Shade, part shade.  You can’t go wrong this this variegated Hosta.  It’s always a sell-out!

Albo PictaSpectacular spring foliage plant with 1′ high soft yellow leaf blades with pale green edges. The leaf colors darken slightly as they mature so that by mid-summer the leaves are a two-toned green. The light lavender trumpet flowers are on graceful stems in summer.
August Moon – Large rounded, crinkled gold leaves, white flower in summer. Shade.
Aureo marginata – Gold crown, yellow margins, lavender blossoms in summer. A favorite.
Big Daddy -This nice, vigorous, large blue hosta has very puckered leaves adding good texture to a shaded area. Near-white flowers in late spring.
Birchwood Parky’s Gold – Spade shaped golden leaf, compact plant. Brightens up a shade area.
Blue Angel – Very large heart-shaped blue green leaves. White flowers.
Blue Cadet – Small, heart-shaped leaf, good blue coloration, compact clump.

Blue Umbrellas – Very distinctive.  Huge mound of umbrella-like leaves, good blue color.
Blue MountainsOne of the best intense, blue-grey puckered heart shaped leaves with large white flowers! Excellent in any shade garden for visual appeal.  Huge leaves are similar to sieboldiana Elegens. 
Bressingham Blue – One of the bluest leaved hostas.  Heart shaped blue-green leaves. White flowers in July.
Brim Cup Very puckered, cupped dark green leaves with wide creamy white edge. One of the best of the small/medium size hostas. Lavender flowers in summer.
Captain Kirk– This Hosta is for all of the Star Trek lovers!  It has gold center with a darker and wider green margin.  Sport of the famous ‘Gold Standard’.   Pale lavender flowers top the fast-growing clump in midsummer. 
Christmas TreeLarge. Nicely corrugated, rounded leaves of deep green with creamy margins. Leaves rise up the bloom spike giving it a conical shape like a Christmas tree.  Lavender flowers.
fortunei Hyacinthia – Large mounds of leaves, gray green above and glaucus blue underneath  Lavender flowers.
Fragrant Bouquet1998 HOSTA OF THE YEAR.  Leaves are apple green leaves, streaked, slightly shiny with wide, irregular yellow and white margins. A rapid grower. Large, funnel-shaped fragrant white flowers in summer!
Francee -Green heart-shaped with narrow, clean white margins.  Just a great garden Hosta!
Fragrant Blue – Great blue color and a sweet smell! Fragrant Blue exhibits a frosty blue color and has fragrant pale lavender flowers. 12″- 18″. Shade.
Frances WilliamA huge beautiful big-leaved Hosta.  Although introduced in 1936, it still remains one of the most popular. The seersucker leaves are blue-gray in the center, with a broad, irregular border of gold.  White flowers. Slug resistant.
Gold Drop – Small gold heart-shaped leaves, lavender flowers, tolerates some sun.
Golden MedallionA medium sized compact mound of cupped golden leaves. Rounded, cupped leaves are puckered with white flowers in summer.
Gold Standard – Light green leaves, dark green margins, lavender flowers in summer.
Golden Tiara – Green leaves with wide gold margins, dark lavender flowers in summer.
Great Expectations  Large, puckered heart shaped leaves with creamy yellow centers and blue-green edges. The white flowers bloom from July to August. With this plant’s height of 24” and a spread of 36”, it will provide bright color in any shade garden. 
Groundmaster – Pointed dark green leaves with wavy edges and wide white margins.  Compact, low-growing Hosta good for groundcover. Lavender flowers.  Shade.
Guacamole -Bears wonderful, giant-sized, near-white fragrant flowers in late summer. The vigorously growing clump, sports chartreuse-gold foliage with a wide green edge.
Halcyon  – Excellent classic blue color with spear shaped foliage.  Pale lavender flowers in summer. 
Honeybells – Large light green leaves. Fragrant violet-white flowers begin in mid-August. Grows well in full sun.
Hyacintha – Wavy, slightly puckered gray-green leaves, margined white and blue-grey underneath. Violet flowers.
InvincibleThe very thick but glossy green foliage makes this a unique Hosta.  The clump is topped with thick flower stalks, bearing very fragrant, light lavender flowers.
June – Award winning Hosta has bluish leaves with irregularly shaped creamy gold centers. Pale lavender flowers bloom in late summer on 20-inch spikes. This medium-sized plant is a standout in shade or woodland gardens. It was the American Hosta Growers Association “Hosta of the Year 2001”.
King Tut – Outstanding bright gold Hosta, flat heart-shaped leaves with deeply impressed veins.
Krossa Regal – Foliage is frosty blue. Upright leaves with lavender flowers. Award winning Hosta grows to 5’ tall.
Lancifolia -Shiny dark green spear shaped leaves, tolerates sun.
Patriot – One of the showiest, dark forest green, dramatic white margins. 1997 HOSTA OF THE YEAR. Slow to mature, but when it does, it is a standout in the shade garden!
plantaginea Aphrodite Heads of enormous scented DOUBLE white lily-like flowers Aug-Oct, shiny green foliage. Fabulous. The flowers are single in the first year.

Paul’s Glory – Considered the best new introduction in years, this Hosta has brilliant gold leaves with a wide, blue edge. The dark golden leaves brighten to a white gold as the season progresses. These spectacular clumps are topped with light lavender flowers on 24″ tall scapes in late spring. This is one of those rare hostas that stands out in any garden.
plantaginea grandiflora – August Lily – Pure white extremely fragrant flowers in summer make this an outstanding Hosta.  Shade.
Queen Josephine – Very glossy leaves with dark green center makes this one a collector’s item. Dark green heart shaped leaves with a wide yellow margin that becomes a creamy white later in the season.
Regal Splendor – The leaves are bluish-gray with a margin that is creamy white to creamy yellow. The flowers are light lavender & bell-shaped. The bloom scapes may grow to 60″ tall. 2003 HOSTA OF THE YEAR.
Royal Standard – Vigorous, large Hosta with dark green leaves. The light lavender fragrant flowers bloom from July to August.
Scooter – As cute as its name!   
A compact Hosta with pointed dark green leaves edged with yellow at first and then creamy white, wide margins. Rapid grower.
sieboldiana Elegans – Huge corrugated leaves, 36” tall blue foliage. A true specimen.
Shade FanfareApple green leaves, creamy white margins. Lavender flowers. Prefers shade only.
Stained Glass HOSTA OF THE YEAR 2006!  Prominent veins throughout the leaves gives it a “stained glass” window effect. It has shiny, beautiful, golden center leaves with a dark green margin. Fragrant  flowers in August. This is a sport of award winner Hosta ‘Guacamole’.
Sum & Substance  Huge mounds of golden chartreuse leaves grow 3’ tall. This Hosta can tolerate full sun.  These large glossy leaves have a thick substance and a puckered surface. Lots of blooms on a huge upright plant.  Pest resistant. Blooms white.

Sun Power
Ranks at the top of the list of the best gold hostas ever introduced. The pointed, bright gold leaves, combined with the distinctive, upright, vase-like habit of the clump, make this a hosta classic.  Light lavender flowers in early summer.

Tokudama Flavocircinalis This old Japanese cultivar is still one of the most prized hostas in American gardens.   The thick, rounded, blue corrugated leaves are accented by a wide golden margin. In late spring, the clumps are topped with 24″ tall stalks of pale lavender flowers.
Twilight – This stunning Hosta has thick, dark green leaves surrounded by a very wide, light-yellow margin. In midsummer, the 3′ wide clumps are topped with sturdy stalks of light lavender flowers.

undulata Mediovariegata – Slightly wavy variegated leaves.  Broad centers of white with a good edging of dark green.  Small and compact mound.
undulata Variegata  – Most commonly known & loved variegated green & white Hosta.  Dramatic, narrow, lance-shaped wavy leaves with white centers edged in green, make it very striking in the garden. The Hosta flowers bloom from July to August.
Ventricosa – Green wavy leaf, sun tolerant, lavender blossom in summer.
Whirlwind – Unusual upright and twisted leaves creates a whirlwind appearance. With it’s fast growth rate, slight corrugation, wavy margins, good substance and distinctive tip, it’s a hosta stand out.
Wide Brim  – Green centers, wide irregular cream margins, lavender flowers. Showy.

H is for… cont’d.

Houttuynia cordata ‘Variegata’ Chameleon Plant – Spreading dense ground cover, extremely flashy with green, cream, and red heart-shaped leaves. Sun, shade. Thrives in wet or damp areas.

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I-J-K is for…

Iberis sempervirens – Candytuft, cluster of pure white flowers in spring, groundcover, sun 10″.
Incarvillea delavayi  Hardy Gloxinia – Leaves appear late, often at the same time as the pink trumpet-shaped flowers. Sun, part sun.
‘Alba’   Hardy Gloxinia bearing beautiful white trumpet-shape flowers in summer.  Plant in sun or part sun.
IRIS Hybrids – Iris are stately spring blooming perennials. Fragrant Iris are a must for every garden. Some Iris prefer full sun, while others grow best in shaded boggy conditions.  Their flowers are unsurpassed for beauty.
Iris Intermediate Bearded: 
These Iris  have stem heights that vary from 16 to 28 inches but their bloom season arrives just after the Dwarf Iris and finishes just before the Tall Bearded. Cheer your early garden with these little charmers at tulip time.
‘Frolicsome’ – Intermediate Bearded Iris – Yellow flowers with bronze falls.  Early blooming. Fragrant flowers.  18″ tall.
‘Helen Proctor’ Shiny, purple black flowers with black beards and very gently ruffled petals. Intermediated bearded iris blooming early to mid season. 18″ tall.
‘In A Flash’  Dark burgundy Iris, intermediate bearded.
‘Infinity Ring’  Violet blue flower with blue & white falls, spicy fragrance. Intermediate bearded, 24″ tall.
‘Maui Moonlight’  Butter cream yellow early blooming Iris.  Fragrant flowers.  Intermediate bearded, 18″ tall. Sun.
‘Protocol’ White & yellow Iris with yellow falls.  Fragrant.  Intermediate bearded Iris. Sun.
‘Red Zinger’ Scarlet red fragrant flowers.  Intermediated bearded Iris growing 12″-18″ tall.
‘Season Ticket’ Deep yellow-apricot flowers with fire red beards. Intermediated bearded Iris. 26″ tall. Fragrant.  Sun.
Iris germanica – German  Bearded Iris
‘Evening Drama’ Bicolor Iris – Fragrant white flowers with dark purple falls blooms in mid-season, 36″ tall.
‘Helen Cochran’ Ruffled white & yellow flowers.  Fragrant.  Blooms midseason 36″ tall.

‘Innocent Pink’ Rose-mauve flowers.  Tall bearded Iris.  Sun.
‘Keeping Up Appearances’ The standards are rose-purple and the falls are mauve.
‘Kelly Lynne’ – Light blue with white and light blue falls, fragrant. 24″-36″ tall bearded Iris. Sun.
‘Oklahoma Crude’  Dark satiny purple flowers.  Tall bearded Iris.  Sun.
‘Queen’s Circle’  The standards are white and the falls are white with a dark blue edge. Award Winner. Sun.
‘Silver Fox’  Lacy white flowers are fragrant.  32″ tall bearded Iris.  Sun.
‘Slovak Prince’  Gold rimmed white standards with deep purple falls.  Award winning tall bearded Iris.  33″ tall.  Sun.
‘Splashacata’– Lavender with speckled purple falls, 36″ tall bearded Iris.
‘Stepping Out’  A rich violet and white plicata. The snowy ground color has a handsome glossy sheen, while the rich pansy-violet margining has a stylish ruffling that greatly enhances the beauty of the flower.
‘Wishful Thinking’  Light blue fragrant flowers.  36″ tall bearded Iris. Sun.  
Iris foetidissima – Gladwin Iris – Evergreen foliage, purplish green flowers in spring, spectacular seed pods with orange berries in fall.  It is a very useful Iris because it tolerates dry or moist shade.  30″ tall.
Iris sibirica – Siberian Iris – One of the loveliest “beardless” Iris with narrow arching bright green leaves. June blooming.
        ‘Blue King’ Very light blue flowers in spring, 42″ high.
        ‘Butter & Sugar” Creamy white standards with bright butter-yellow falls, re-bloomer.
        ‘Caesar’s Brother’ Rich deep purple/blue flowers in June,  grows 30″ tall.

Iris kaempferi (ensata) – Japanese Water Iris – Exquisite “beardless” Iris, 2-3′ tall.  Plant in sun or part sun.  Perfect for boggy, wet, or  pond areas, but are perfectly happy in good garden soil. 
       ‘Haku Botan’  Huge, exceptionally wide pure white flowers in mid-summer.  3′ tall. 
Iris pallida ‘Albo variegata’  Green & white variegated foliage is the hallmark of this 36″ tall Sweet Iris. Blue flowers in June.
Iris pallida ‘Aureo variegata’ Sweet Iris –  Creamy golden variegated foliage is striking even when not in bloom.  Fragrant blue flowers in June on 36 inch spikes. Very striking. 

Iris pseudacorus – Water Iris – Bright yellow flowers with mahogany veining grows 40″ tall in wet or boggy areas.  Flowers in May/June.
Iris versicolor – Wild Water Iris – This robust beardless Iris was commonly used as a medicinal plant.  It grows to 30″ tall and its spring blooming flowers are violet blue.  It thrives in wet to moist soils and will grow in shallow water.  It prefers part shade.
Ivy – Hardy English Ivy – A hardy climber perfect for trellises and walls. Spreads quickly into a rich, glossy, dark green carpet. Hardy English Ivy stays green all year long! Can be used as a climbing vine for trellises and walls!
Kalimeris integrifolia 24″ bushes covered with white daisies all summer. Unusual and great. Cut back to tidy plant and for an encore.  (aka Asteromea) Sun.
Kniphofia ‘Flamenco’ – Red Hot Poker – Award winning warm color mix of Red Hot Poker flowers, strong stems for garden or cutting. Very tropical looking foliage, beautiful around pool areas. 30″ tall.
          ‘Fire Dance’ A compact Red Hot Poker blooming early to late summer.  A hummingbird favorite!

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L is for…

Lamiastrum galeobdolon– Yellow Archangel – Green leaves with silver blotches, shade or semi-shade.   12″ tall showy woodland plant bears long-lasting yellow flowers.
Lamium Easy, valuable plants for dry, shady places.  They have extremely showy silver variegated leaves with whirls of  pink or white flowers. As an added bonus, the foliage stays all winter.  Silver Nettles are vigorous woodland  plants and an excellent groundcover.  Team with Hostas!  Very, very long blooming plants.
‘Aureum’ Golden ground cover, lavender flowers, very striking, shade perennial. Team with golden Hosta. Shade or part sun. All Lamiums can tolerate dry shade.
‘Lemon Frost’ New growth is lime green on this spreading shade groundcover.  Lavender blooms starting in May.  Shear after first flush of blooms for more compact growth. Shade or part sun.
‘Orchid Frost’ A mat-forming perennial groundcover that offers many improvements over other cultivars of this species. Orchid Frost is a cultivar of Lamium maculatum, which belongs to the mint family. Unlike most varieties of lamiums, Orchid Frost holds up remarkably well during the summer months, without foliage scorching or being overcome with leaf spots. It bears bright, orchid-pink flowers during both the spring and the fall over its variegated silver foliage.
‘Pink Pewter’ Lovely pewter colored foliage, pink flowers, shade 6″ tall.
‘Red Nancy’  This classy-looking groundcover selection forms a spreading patch of small silver leaves.  Clusters of purplish-pink flowers appear in spring, then continue off and on until fall.  Trim back in late winter. Stems will root into the ground where they touch.  Evergreen.  Shade, part sun.
‘Shell Pink’ Great ground cover, low pink flowers good in shade, strong grower.
‘White Nancy’ Great silvery white leaves, white flowers, will take sun, shade.
Lathyrus – Sweet Pea – Long flowering climbing plant grows to 6’ tall in shades of red, pink, white and blue.  Sun or part shade.
Leucanthemum – Shasta Daisy – This robust perennial family bears large white daisy flowers in summer. They are sun-lovers, and if cut back after blooming, they will re-bloom a second time. They are a lovely long-lasting flower.
superbumAlaska’ Shasta Daisy terrific for cut flower, white petals, gold centers, 30″ tall, sun.
‘Becky’ One of the Best!  Big single white daisy, excellent for cutting, blooms in June & July, 36″ tall. 2003 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
‘Crazy Daisy’ Creamy white fully doubleflowers with frilly overlapping petals.
‘Freak!’ A showstopper!  Freak Shasta Daisy is covered with large amounts of “fluffy-looking” daisies in summer.  Reblooms.  Great butterfly plant. 24″ tall.
Snow Lady’ AAS award winner – Dwarf Shasta Daisy – sturdy plants, very big flowers, 10″-12″ tall,  sun.
Liatris spicata ‘Floristan Violet’ Tall, sturdy, larger flower spikes in a light lavender color, make this a standout.  Long stemmed, good for cutting. 3′ tall, sun.
spicata ‘Alba’ White Kansas Gayflower, striking in perennial garden at dusk, sun, 24″ tall.
Ligularia dendata ‘Desdemona’ Huge, leathery rounded, bronze leaves. Golden daisy flowers, 3′-4′ tall,  shade or part sun.
          ‘Midnight Lady’ Sometimes called elehant ears with its large, dark bronze serrated leaves.  It is topped with golden daisy flowers in summer.  Midnight Lady enjoys a moist location & some shade.
‘Othello’ Dark glossy green round leaves produce small-clustered orange blooms in summer months.   Grow in full sun, 36” tall.
stenocephala ‘The Rocket’ Broad leafed specimen plant, moist shade lover, 5-6’ tall.
‘Little Rocket’ This shorter hybrid was selected for its compact habit and heavy flower production.  A profusion of bright yellow flower spikes rocket above rich green serrated foliage in summer. 
tussilaginea ‘Aureomaculata’   Large green leaves with golden spots.  24” tall.  Unusual foliage plant for the shaded garden.
Lillium  Lily – Short garden lilies, 2’-3’ plants in yellow, orange and pink. Full sun.
Linum perenne ‘Sapphire’ Blue flax – Blue flowers over delicate, lacy foliage.  Grows 12″ tall in sun or part sun.18″ Cut back after flowering for second bloom.
Liriope – Listed under G for Grasses.
Lobelia – Vigorous perennials with brilliant summer flowers in colors that range from deep scarlet to dark blue. Sun or part sun. Great as an accent in a natural planting. Attracts hummingbirds too!
cardinalis  – Cardinal Flower – Moisture loving perennial grows 3′-4′ tall and is a favorite of hummingbirds.
‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ Cardinal Lobelias are one of the best hummingbird plants.  This new hybrid Lobelia is very vigorous, with maroon & green leaves topped with a huge amount of flowers!
splendens ‘Queen Victoria’ Cardinal flower – Brilliant red  flower spikes in summer on 24″ tall red leaves.  A beauty!
x speciosa ‘Compliment Scarlet’ Green leaves, red flowers, great for hummingbirds. Part sun.
speciosa ‘Russian Princess’ Upright spikes of red leaves, topped with fuchsia pink flowers mid-summer. A rather lovely variant on the more familiar ‘Queen Victoria’ form. Loves damp, or even wet ground. Hardy. Adored by hummingbirds.
siphilitica – Great Blue Lobelia –  Striking blue flower spikes in summer, shade or  part sun.
Lonicera nitida‘Baggesen’s Gold’  Bush Honeysuckle – Golden yellow leaves on 2′ – 3′ bushes. An extremely versatile small shrub, and a favorite here at the nursery.  Great plant, sun, part sun or shade.
Lupinus perennis – Lupine/Blue Bonnets – Striking blue slender flower spikes on 24″ tall plants. An eastern native Lupine. Sun or part-sun.  Butterfly & hummingbird friendly!
            ‘Camelot Mix’ This lupine series are dwarf forms of the tall Russell hybrids.  Upright, compact plants with spikes of showy vivid colors. 
‘Russell Mix’ Assortment of red, pink, white and yellow. Striking flower spikes attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden. Lightly scented flowers are excellent for cut flowers. Sun, part sun, 18″-20″ tall.
‘Tutti Frutti’ An improved Lupine mix with very full, large flowers in wide range of lollipop colors.  36″ tall.
Lychnis comes from the Greek word meaning “lamp”, a reference to this family of plant’s bright flower color. Plant in full sun or light shade. Easy and hardy “old fashioned” plant.
chalcedonia – Maltese Cross- Brilliant scarlet flowers in early summer, easy plant, 12″ tall, sun.
coronaria ‘Magenta’ Rose Campion An old-fashioned plant, crimson flowers gray foliage. Sun. Good cut flower.
flos-jovis ‘Peggy’ Bright, rosy red flowers over gray felt-like foliage.  10″ tall.
Splendens Fire’  German Catchfly – Short, sturdy stems with bright fiery red blooms. The flowering stems have a sticky substance, hence the common name, Catchfly.  Narrow grass like tufts of foliage grow to 20″ tall and flower in May & June.
Lysimachia – What a varied family of plants, each unique, and extremely hardy!  Loosestrifes are well adapted to damp, informal areas.  They lend themselves perfectly to  pond planting, yet can tolerate drier conditions.  Plant Lysimachia in sun or part shade.
ciliata ‘Atropurpurea’ Chocolate-colored foliage, yellow flowers on 3′ plants. Very good spreader for sunny or partly sunny areas. Very rapid grower sometimes called Firecracker Lysimachia.
clethroides Gooseneck loosestrife has graceful curving spikes of “gooseneck” flowers in summer. 18″-24″ tall, sun.
nummularia Creeping Jenny – Small round leaves on low mats with yellow flowers in spring. Part-sun, shade. Can tolerate wet feet, good for pond areas.
nummularia ‘Aurea’ Golden Creeping Jenny – Luminous golden mats great in shade. Part-sun, shade. Good for wet areas.
punctata  Circleflower – Great long lived mounding perennial, yellow flowers, fast. Sun
punctata ‘Alexander’ Variegated foliage, yellow flowered Circleflower, a beauty. 24″ tall, Sun.
Lythrum salicaria ‘Robert’ Loosestrife Reddish flowers on 3′ plants through the summer. Sun.
virgatum ‘Mordens Pink’ Lovely tall and pink for the back of the garden. sun, moist.

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M is for…

Macleaya microcarpaPlume poppy is truly a specimen perennial. It grows 6-8′ tall and prefers sun or light shade.  Striking bold hand-shaped leaves are silver with white undersides.  
Malva sylvestris – An old Cottage-garden favorite, this cousin to the Hollyhock has similar satiny flowers in a soft lavender-purple shade, exotically striped with deep maroon veins. It forms an upright, bushy mound. This is a short-lived perennial or biennial, , but comes back the next year from self-sown seedlings.
‘Purple Satin’  Large showy flowers have a ruffled texture. The rich purple colored flowers have darker purple veins, well branched plants grow 3′ tall. Very nice with its large showy flowers over many months from mid to late summer into fall.
Mazus reptens – Mat forming groundcover bearing small toothed leaves and purple/blue flowers in spring. Vigorous, hardy perennial grows in  sun or shade.  Can tolerate wet feet.
‘Albus’ Mat forming groundcover bearing white flowers.  Very hardy, sun or shade.
Mertensia virginica – Virginia Bluebells are one of our best loved natives. Nodding clusters of fragrant blue flowers compliment spring flowering bulbs and Bleeding Hearts. Shade, 12″ tall.
Monarda is a favorite nectar source for hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.  In addition to its use in tea and potpourri, its ornamental value is unsurpassed.  Very showy flowers and aromatic foliage.  Sun or light shade.  DEER RESISTANT PLANT.
didyma ‘Blue Stockings’ Bee Balm – purple/blue flowers on fast growing plants,  30″ tall. Sun, part-shade. Aromatic foliage is used for Earl Grey tea, and in  potpourris and oils.
‘Coral Reef’ Flowers are hot coral pink, on 36″ plants.  This hybrid shows good mildew resistance, a common problem in our humid NJ summers.  Cut back after blooming for repeat flowering.  Sun or part sun. Great Hummingbird Plant!
Grand Mum’  Compact plants, bursting with brilliant fuchsia/purple flowers from mid summer on.  Extremely hardy, with good mildew resistance.  24″ tall.  Attractive to hummingbirds.
Grand Parade’ Most compact Beebalm, growing only 12″ tall, this lavender blooming plant is another mildew resistant breakthrough in Monardas!  Hummingbird plant!
‘Jacob Kline’ Most mildew resistant red Bee balm known! Summer flowering.  Cut back after blooming for an encore.  30″-36″ tall.
Mahogany’ 3′ tall, vibrant maroon-purple flowers on fragrant blue/gray foliage..
‘Marshall’s Delight’ Rose Bee Balm, mildew resistant, attractive to hummingbirds. Sun, part-shade.
Petite Delight’  Compact delightful bee balm perfect for the front of the border or flower bed.  Lavender colored flowers are attractive to hummers.  Sun.
‘Raspberry Wine’ Raspberry-like buds open to clear wine red flowers. Mildew-resistant foliage. 2′-3′ tall.
Myosotis palustris The old fashioned Forget-Me-Not.  Rounded heads of intensely  blue sweet scented flowers on mounded foliage bloom in May and June.  8″ high, shade or part sun. Enjoys moist areas, does well in boggy areas and around ponds. 

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N is for…

Nepeta faassenii – Catmint – Flowers are long blooming and wonderfully fragrant. Silver foliage is neat and compact, only 12″ tall. Excellent plant! Sun. This Catmint is great for edging!  Cut back often to keep tidy and for continuous blooms. Wonderful, wonderful plant!  Trim back foliage to tidy plant and you will be rewarded with endless flowers.  DEER & RABBIT RESISTANT!
‘Dawn To Dust’ Large leaved catmint.  Same great plant, but pink flowers all summer.  Fragrant foliage.
  • ‘Walker’s Low’  Blue purple flowers appear from May to late fall.  Compact mounds spread vigorously to 2′ wide.  Gray-green foliage is very aromatic. 2007 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.  
‘Six Hills Giant’  A robust Catmint growing 2′-3′ tall with large blue flowers.
Nipponanthemum – Montauk Daisy – Fall blooming white Shasta daisy adds color to the autumn garden. 18″ tall. (Sun. Formerly a Chrysanthemum)

O is for…

Oenothera – Grow this perennial in full sun, as it is a good plant for hot climates. Cup-shaped flowers of yellow or pink bloom profusely in the sun garden.
Oenothera ‘Lemon Drop’  Sunny, bright yellow flowers highlight dark green foliage, blooms spring to fall. Plant alone or in combinations in all container types and landscapes. Sun or part sun.  8″-10″ tall. PROVEN WINNER SELECTION.
berlanderi ‘Siskiyou’ Masses of  pink primrose flowers over low growing plants, blooms in summer. Sun.

fruticosa youngii ‘Sundrops’ Evening Primrose – Buttercup yellow flowers in June. Sun, 2′ tall.
Striking rich purple bronze foliage in the center of the leaf, particularly on young foliage. This deep coloring makes a strong contrast with the large pale pink flowers which appear throughout the summer. 

Opuntia humifusa – Prickly Pear Cactus – Hardy cactus, beautiful crepe-paper like yellow flowers in summer on “bunny” eared cactus foliage. Sun.

P is for…

Papaver – Poppy – With shades of red and orange, poppies create a riot of color in the sun garden. Spectacular plant for early summer display. Charming flower, easy to care for, & pest-free.  Foliage dies back after flowering.
nudicaule ‘Spring Fever’ Iceland Poppies.
  Produces multiple stems at one time for a colorful show.  Large, vivid flowers are displayed on compact stems.
‘Flaminco Dancer’ Large 4-6″ fully double red flowers are a garden stand out with velvety fringed petals. 30″ tall, deer resistant!
orientaleArc De Triomphe’ Watermelon pink blossoms open to the traditional black poppy center from late spring through early summer. The petals have a crepe-like appearance and a satiny texture. These flowers absolutely steal the show when they are in bloom. After the bloom cycle is completed however, these perennials will go dormant, so plan on planting other plants nearby to fill in the gaps.
orientale ‘Fruit Punch’  – Oriental Poppy – Fruit Punch comes in a range of captivating shades including vibrant reds, hot pinks, bright oranges and the often elusive plum shades with each bloom hosting a distinctive deep black center. This long lasting perennial will look a knockout in borders or as a cut flower.
            ‘Picotee’  This is a fine selection of the most outstanding new hybrid Oriental Poppy varieties. The  flowers are huge and brightly colored with velvety fringed and frilled petals. They are fully double with bold markings and designs. These hybrid poppies bloom in May and June each year on vigorous plants about 3′ tall… and they are truly spectacular.
         ‘Prince Of Orange’ Showy, deep orange double flowers are huge and bloom in May.  Oriental Poppies are very long-lived and virtually care-free.
          ‘Princess Victoria Louise’ Gorgeous  pink, crepe paper like flower petals with black centers.  The elegant look of Victoria Louise unfurls just as spring and summer begin to merge.  Plants form clumps of blue-green foliage very quickly and grow about 32 inches tall. Plants are very robust growers and extremely free flowering – one of our favorite Oriental Poppies.
Pardancanda norrissi – Blackberry or Candy Lily – Iris like foliage, long blooming pastel candy colored flowers. Ornamental  blackberry seed pods appear in Fall.  18″ tall, sun.
Penstemon barbatus ‘Rondo Mix’ A cheerful mix of bright red, pink, lavender and  purple spikes in July, re-blooming in September.  Good Hummingbird plant.

‘Dwarf Hybrids’ – Compact new variety, long flowering for garden or pot, 12″ high.
‘Pretty Petticoat’  This new Penstemon has very full spikes of rich purple blooms with white throats. The two foot tall stems will hold their flowers for up to eight weeks in summer. Drought tolerant, easy to grow, and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
‘Prairie Dusk’  Rosy-purple tubular flowers on 14″ plants is sure to be a favorite with the hummingbirds in your garden.  Sun or part sun. NEW
              ‘Red Riding Hood’ Beard-tongue bearing hot pink flower spikes through most of the summer.  Beautiful pink & white lipped flowers adored by hummingbirds.
          ‘Red Rocks’ Bright rose flowers with magenta and white throat on this summer blooming Beards Tongue. Charming colorful tubular flowers will attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  Sun or part sun.
digitalis ‘Husker Red’ Dark red leaves with beautiful white flowers on 30″ stems. Sun. 1996 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.

Peony – Long-lived and fragrant, their neat bushy shape makes a valuable addition the the landscape.  Red, pink and white. Sun, 3′-4′ tall.  Several sizes available.

Perovskia ‘Longin’ Beautiful blue flowers and plants are more compact and upright. Silvery gray leaves are not as serrated as regular Russian Sage. Very aromatic and striking in the summer garden.  Tolerates sunny dry areas in the garden.  36″ tall.
‘Filagran’ Russian Sage – Silver leaves and stems, topped by dusty sky blue flower. Very aromatic foliage, sun. 1995 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
‘Little Spire’ – Russian Sage – An improved dwarf selection that stays compact, growing only 24″ tall. It is a beautiful shrub-like perennial with unique grayish-green aromatic foliage. Hundreds of small tubular lavender blue flowers appear on spires in late summer through fall. The flowers make excellent cut or dried flower arrangements.  An overall excellent perennial that is drought tolerant and virtually maintenance free. Sun. 
Phlox are grown for their profuse fragrant flowers. Woodland phlox bloom in early spring, complimenting daffodils and tulips, while summer phlox carry the garden through the later months with their long-lasting blooms.
amplifoliaGoliath‘ This great phlox vvariety differentiates itself from your usual Phlox paniculata with its much larger flower heads! These grow in a pyramid shape and are much wider too! This makes the flowering shoots such huge eye-catchers in any border! They’re easily grown too. These deliciously scented purple flowers attract butterflies and bees and also can be used as a cut flower.
divaricata ‘Laphamii’ Woodland Phlox -This is one of the few phlox  that can be used successfully in the shade. A low grower with dark green leaves, this variety also spreads well & is a good partner with hostas, ferns or spring blooming bulbs. The violet-blue flowers are plentiful in May and June. 
divaricata ‘May Breeze’ Woodland PhloxFragrant light blue Woodland Phlox flowers, semi-evergreen leaves.  Blooms in early spring, 18″ tall, part shade.
glaberrima ‘Anita Kistler’ – Smooth Phlox – Brilliant pink/lavender flowers rise from mounds of smooth, slightly glossy 20″ foliage.  This Phlox is happy in hot, humid weather.
glaberrima ‘Triple Play’ Interesting variegated foliage and lavender/pink flowers in late spring make this Phlox a winner!  Mounded growth habit.  Can tolerate partial shade.
paniculata ‘Becky Towe’ Named after a beloved pet retriever named Becky, this Phlox spots awesome butter-cream & green variegated leaves and sweetly fragrant carmine salmon flowers in summer.  More compact Phlox than most, growing only 24″ tall.
paniculata ‘Blue Boy’ Summer Phlox with lavender/blue flowers, sun, part-sun, 18″ tall.
‘Bright Eyes’ Summer Phlox, dark pink with crimson eye, a  beauty, sun.
‘Britney’  A new hyrid Phlox appearing much like a Mountain Pink.  Forms a low mound smothered with flowers in late spring.
‘David’ Summer Phlox – Bright white 36″, fragrant and mildew-resistant. Sun. A favorite Phlox of ours here at the nursery.  2002 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
‘David’s Lavender’  This sport of ‘David’  has the same outstanding mildew resistance as its parent, but with large, lovely, lilac blooms that appear in mid-to late summer.  Grows 4-5′ tall.
‘Dodo Hanbury Forbes’  Still one of the best pinks!  Provides unsurpassed flowering in summer, clear crisp colors and fragrant flowers in profusion. Stong 3′ tall plants.  Sun.
‘Eva Cullum’
2-3’ tall, with clear pink flowers that have a red eye. Mildew resistant.
‘Flame Pink’ & ‘Flame Lilac’ A compact disease resistant and naturally dwarf new summer bloomin  Phlox.  Features upright clusters of large fragrant blossoms.
‘Forever Pink’ A new hybrid Phlox selection that blooms between Mountain Pinks and summer blooming Phlox.  Grows 16″ tall with brilliant pink flowers.
‘Laura’ Magnificent heads of purple flowers with white center.  Quite mildew resistant, 42″ tall.  Very striking,  tall Phlox.
‘Minnie Pearl’ An especially early bloom sets this white flowering summer Phlox apart from other Phlox!  Disease resistant and fragrant, 18″ tall.
‘Party Punch’ This compact Phlox has an amazing color, a neon pinkish orange!  Blooms in summer and grows 24″ tall.
Sherbet Cocktail’  Unusual first phlox to show yellow in petals. Smallish pink and white flowers with green-yellow edges in large clusters.

‘Shortwood’ A 4′ tall, mildew-resistant stunning pink-flowered Phlox. It’s an off-spring of the award winning ‘David’  phlox, so its got to be good!
stolonifera ‘Bruce’s White’ Woodland Phlox – Large white flowers in early spring, fast growing mats. Part shade.
stolonifera ‘Home Fires’ Beautiful white woodland flowers with dark pink centers, loves shade.
stolonifera ‘Sherwood Purple’ Woodland Phlox – 8″ shade ground cover, purple-blue, early spring blooms with daffodils and bulbs. 1990 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
‘Wendy House’ A new and exciting Phlox  hybrid that forms a compact clump with very dark, fuchsia-purple, non-fading flowers and mildew resistant foliage.
Physostegia virginiana ‘Summer Snow’ These plants get the name “Obedient Plant” from their ability to retain their form when individual florettes are swiveled back and forth.  Try it, it’s fun! Great late blooming perennial. White long blooming flower spikes on 24″
‘Miss Manners’ New! A petite Obedient Plant with manners!  Clump forming, smaller, less invasive and more “obedient”!  18” tall, sun or shade.
virginiana ‘Vivid’ Lovely pink flowers blooming when little else is out. Great. Can tolerate shade.
virginiana ‘Variegata’ Striking variegated form of dragonhead has green leaves with wide white margins and showy pink flowers in summer. Spectacular 36″ tall. Sun or shade.
Platycodon – Balloon Flowers – With their balloon-shaped flower buds, Platycodons are indeed eye-catching in the garden. They boom in shades of blue, pink and white, and are virtually carefree. Great cut flower.
grandiflora ‘Fairy Snow’ White blooms with delicate, deep blue veining down the middle of the petals.  Foliage is deep green and tidy. Slow to emerge in spring but worth the wait. Long lived, rarely needs dividing. Grows 10″-12″ tall.
grandiflora ‘Fuji Blue’ 24″ plants loaded with balloon-like blue flowers. sun.
grandiflora ‘Fuji Pink’ Same as above in a shell pink color. Great cut flower.
grandiflora ‘Fuji White’ Once again in white long blooming continues for months.
x ‘Sentimental Blue’ Amazing 4″ blooms all summer over top 6″ of plant.
Polemonium reptans ‘Stairway To Heaven’ This woodland charmer is a white-edged seedling of our native Jacob’s Ladder.   It makes a small clump of cut-leaf green foliage edged in white.  When exposed to summer heat, the older foliage changes to green.  In early spring, short spikes of blue flowers appear. 
boreale ‘Heavenly Habit’ Blue flowers with clear yelloweye on compact 12″ plants. Cut back for re-bloom.
caerueum – Jacob’s Ladder – Long clusters of nodding blue flowers, sun or part sun, 12″.
Polygonatum falcatum ‘Variegatum’ Variegated Solomon’s Seal – 3′ tall arching plants, white bells.  Shade.  Beautiful woodland perennial.
Potentilla nepalensis ‘Miss Wilmot’ Shrub-like perennial producing deep carmine red flowers in midsummer, sun.  12″ high foliage is strawberry like.
Primula vulgaris – The familiar  single primrose is one of the early signs of spring, coinciding with the first early daffodils. The two grow well together in damp grass or light woodland. Cultivated varieties come in a huge range of colors, and both single and double flowers.
Prunella grandiflora ‘Loveliness Mix’ Self-Heal –  Low mats of evergreen foliage, pink, lavender & white flower spikes, sun/part sun.
laciniata – Lanced leaf Prunella, good ground cover for sun or part sun. Lovely pinky/lavender flowers on and off all spring & summer.
Pulmonaria – Lungwort – These woodland plants are easily grown in moist soil and light shade. Their common name of Lungwort refers to the medicinal use of the plant for treating lung ailments long ago. Lovely bell-shaped flowers in early spring, accompanied by silvery spotted foliage.
longifolia ‘E B Anderson’ – Lungwort – Its long, tapered green leaves feature silver spots. It blooms in the early spring, just as new foliage is emerging. This plant’s buds are pink, but open as bright blue. They are usually among the earliest flowers in a garden. Good groundcover for shaded areas, although it can also tolerate some sun.
‘Mrs. Moon’  This is probably the most popular variety of Pulmonaria; a long time favorite among perennial gardeners.  Its leaves are dotted with silvery gray splotches.  In very early spring plants send up graceful clusters of rose colored buds that open to reveal deep blue flowers.  Plants form attractive clumps that are perfect for planting under shrubs or mixed with Hostas or other shade loving plants.  The foliage remains beautiful all season.
Pyrethrum coccineum ‘James Kelway’ Deep scarlet Painted Daisy. Lacy foliage, daisy flowers in summer. 18″ tall, sun. Cut back to tidy plant and for repeat performance.  Formerly a Chrysanthemum.
‘Robinson’s Mix’ Painted Daisy – Pink, rose and red painted daisies, great for the cutting garden, 18″-24″ tall, sun.

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R is for…

Ratibida columnifera – Yellow Mexican Hat – 24″ tall, sun. Drought tolerant golden flowers in summer.
‘Red Midget’ Dwarf Mexican Hat, only 12″ high. Mahogany and gold daisies, great for hot and dry areas. Adorable!
Rheum – Rhubarb – I think the rhubarb plant is truly beautiful. Rhubarb has big, heart shaped, crinkled leaves and red-tinted stalks. Rhubarb is showy enough to qualify for a top spot in a display garden and it’s often listed in catalogs as a must-have landscape plant. For the gardener looking for an easy-to-grow food plant, rhubarb tops the list.
Rodgersia ‘Henrici Hybrids’  After its winter dormancy, the stems & leaves of this Roger’s Flower reemerge in April a true milk-chocolate color.  It prefers bright shade, but will tolerate sun.  This native of China grows to 3′ tall and 24″ wide. It’s a beauty!

Rudbeckia – Black Eyed Susan – These native North Americans adorn the garden with flamboyant color from summer ’til frost. Black Eyed Susans have large golden flower heads, and thrive in full sun or light shade. They are excellent in the cutting garden!
Denver Daisy’  Masses of large, gold flowers with a striking dark eye.  Flowers May through late summer.  Nice cut flower, grows 24″ – 36″ tall.  Sun.

‘Goldstrum’ Black Eyed Susan – Large golden flowers on 24″ plants, excellent for cut flowers.  1999 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR. 
‘Indian Summer’ Huge saucer Black eyed Susan flowers, reseeds prolifically.  Taller with larger flowers than Goldstrum.  36″ tall, sun.
Cherry Brandy’ These robust plants have outstanding garden performance, producing a mass of attractive, cherry-colored blooms all summer long – triumphing over heat, drought and poor soils!  24″ tall, grow this Rudbeckia in full sun. 
‘Cherokee Sunset’ Double & semi-double Black Eye Susan flowers in sunset colors of red & orange.  Profuse summer bloomer, 30” tall, sun.  Award winning Rudbeckia!
‘Little Goldstar’ Knee-high Black Eyed Susan.  Great for containers, as well as the sun garden.  Summer blooming knock-out!
‘Prairie Sun’
These flowers grow to 4” in diameter and are a lovely yellow bi-color with a green eye, flowering profusely between July until October.  18” tall, full sun.  Excellent cut.
‘Sonora’ Large 3″ gold flowers with a rusty black center. striking!

‘Toto’ An adorable little Black Eyed Susan.

laciniata ‘Herbstonne’ Very tall, 6-7′, very long blooming yellow daisy for the back of the sun garden.
maxima Light yellow daisy flowers with brown cones, large silvery leaves, drought tolerant, sun 3′-4′ tall.

subtomentosa ‘Henry Eilers’ Sweet Black Eyed Susan – This Rudbeckia has finely quilled daisy flowers of true yellow, not gold, and is stunning in a mass planting. The leaves of Rudbeckia subtomentosa are sweetly scented with a subtle vanilla fragrance, hence the name of Sweet Black Eyed Susan!   Early leaves appear in spring and flowering stalks grow to 5’ tall, blooming in August, often flowering into September.  Butterfly Friendly, striking summer bloomer.  Full or part sun.
triloba – Small, daisy flowers of deep gold from midsummer into autumn. A self-sowing biennial, good for  naturalistic gardens.

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S is for…

‘Sisyrinchium ‘Lucerne’ Blue Eyed Grass bears bright blue star shaped flowers above fine, semi evergreen grassy foliaage.  Clumps grow only 10″ tall.

Sagina subulata – Irish Moss or Corsican Pearlwort – Moss like evergreen foliage. Excellent for shaded situations and planting between stepping stones. White flowers in summer. Shade or part-shade. 3″ high.
Salvias are among the most popular of garden plants. The Sages combine beautiful flowers with attractive and often aromatic foliage. Flower spikes of blue, pink or white are long-blooming. Plant in full sun.
lyrata ‘Purple Knockout’ Blue/purple flower spikes rise from clumps of decorative foliage in shades of bronze, purple & red. 6-12″ tall. Sun.
nemorosa  ‘Blue Hill’ Reliable compact sage producing spikes of sky blue flowers. Very long blooming, 18″.
‘Blue Queen’ Deep blue flower spikes on 12″ plants, good border plant, sun.
‘East Friesland’ Very long blooming purple spiked flowers.  Trim back after flowering to tidy plant and it will re-bloom.  18″ tall, sun.
guaranitica – Giant Blue Sage – Royal blue flowers begin in summer and extend right into the fall with this hummingbird favorite. Fragrant foliage, very tall to 5′. A favorite of ours!
‘Lubeca’ Violet-blue flowers, very long flowering in early summer. 18-24″ tall.
‘Marcus’ A new, tidy dwarf German cultivar, ‘Marcus’ makes up for its lack of size by blooming nearly all summer with deeply colored violet-purple flowers. Use it as a plant to edge paths, at the front of the perennial border or in flowering containers. You will find this plant extremely cold hardy, deer & rabbit  resistant and grows to a compact 8″ tall.
‘May Night’ Good repeat bloomer, lavender spike flowers in  summer. 1997 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
‘Snow Hill’ The Meadow Sage ‘Snow Hill’ Salvia plant is a long-blooming sage with masses of clean white flowers from late spring through frost. Foliage is dark gray-green, and aromatic. This compact plant reaches a mature height of 15″.  Sun or part sun.
‘Rose Queen’ Pink flower spikes attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds, 18″, sun.
‘Rosenwein’ This Salvia meaning Rose Wine, bears warm deep pink flower spikes for several months in late spring into summer.  Reblooms if cut back after initial blooming.
‘Sweet Sixteen’ Starting in early April, lavender pink spikes of flowers bloom attracting both hummers & butterflies.  Cut back after blooming for repeat performance.  Sun. 24″ tall.
pitcheri ‘Grandiflora’ Azure blue flowers from September until Frost.  Sun, fragrant foliage.  24″ tall.
uliginosa – Bog Sage – This moisture-loving perennial produces clear blue flowers with white highlights in late summer to mid-autumn. It forms an airy clump to 6 feet tall by 3 feet wide, and is great for the back of a border.  Fragrant foliage, and lovely in the late summer garden.  Sun.
verticillata ‘Purple Rain’ Long arching stems of purplish buds open to a smoky purple throughout the summer. Very long flowering, attracts hummingbirds!
Saponaria ocymoides splendens – Soapwort – Rampant, vigorous edging plant. Bright pink flowers in spring, perfect for rock gardens or use to cascade over walls.   8″ tall, sun.
Saxifraga arendsii ‘Purple Robe’ Mounded evergreen mossy foliage covered with petite purple flowers in spring, 6″ high, sun.
Scabiosa columbaria ‘Butterfly Blue’ 18″ Profusion of lavender-blue flowers all summer. Sun . Butterfly Plant. PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR 2000.
columbaria ‘Pink Mist’ Long blooming pink pincushion flower, 18″ tall, sun.
Sedum – Live Forever – This large family of succulent plants deserves its common name of Live Forever! Hardy, adaptable, drought-tolerant, these are just a few of its attributes. Some are upright plants, some groundcovers. All great!! Grow in full sun or light shade. Asking only for good drainage along with an occasional sip of water, Sedums are durable, reliable and almost maintenance-free.
‘Aizoon’ Old fashioned, yet still a most popular mounding Sedum producing lots of golden flowers in summer.   12” – 16” tall.
alboroseum ‘Medio-variegatus’ Variegated leaves on 18″ plants bloom pink in fall, sun.
Chocolate Ball’ Dwarf Stonecrop “Chocolate Ball” is a sedum with unusual chocolate coloring, growing to only about 8″. Deep, brownish red in fall.
‘Frosty Morn’ Exciting new Sedum, upright growth with wide white border around each leaf, late summer flowers.
kamtschaticum variegatum – This compact form of Sedum has cream colored leaf variegation that takes on a hint of pink in the full sun. Golden orange flowers.
x mohrchen Dark red (almost black) leaves, 24″ plants have pink flowers, late summer, great for sun.
‘Matrona’ Dark gray foliage is edged in deep pink.  Large flower heads of soft pink appear in summer.  This award winning Sedum grows 24″ tall, sun.
rupestre – Blue Spruce Sedum – Low growing blue sedum with yellow flowers great for sun.
‘Angelina’ Brilliant golden yellow foliage forms a mat, perfect for sunny borders, rock gardens, or containers.
‘Emperor’s Wave’ A new Sedum with blue-green foliage and carmine- red flowers on mounding foliage.
‘Purple Emperor’ Dark purple, almost black leaves with compact purple stems.  In the summer, plants are topped with heads of pinkish, purple flowers.  Growing only 15″ tall, it is wonderful in any landscape.  Awarded the Outstanding Perennial Plant Award from the International Hardy Plant Union in 2002.
sieboldi – October Plant – Blooms very late, pink flowers over 6″ foliage, ground cover.
spectabile ‘Brilliant’ Great Sedum, rosy pink flowers start in August, interesting all year.
spectabile ‘Elsie’s Gold’ Colorful golden-yellow variegated foliage is a lovely 18″ dwarf ‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum, a garden favorite! Drought tolerant hardy plant for a sunny spot.
spectabile ‘Neon’ A new improved Sedum from an old favorite ‘Brilliant’, this plant boasts neon-bright bubblegum-pink flowers in midsummer.  Sedum is famous for its ability to put up with just about anything in the garden, and Neon is no exception. Give it full sunshine. Grows to 14″ tall.
telephium ‘Autumn Joy’ One of the best perennials beautiful all year, even winter. Sun, part-sun.
telephium ‘Autumn Fire’ Newly improved form of the commonly planted ‘Autumn Joy’. Strong, stout stems lined with , gray-green, fleshy leaves support the more substantial, longer lasting blooms. Bold clusters of closely packed, rosy pink flowers age to a salmon bronze, later casting coppery red shades upon the autumn landscape.
x ‘Vera Jameson’ Beautiful low growing bronze foliage covered with pink blooms, Sept. Sun.
Silene dioica ‘English Maiden’ 2′-3′ floriferous all-summer bloomer, carmine flowers, shade or part sun, easy plant!
‘Clifford Moor’ Same classic cottage garden plant, only variegated! 2’-3’ tall.  Reseeds.
Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’ At 3-4′ tall,  Fireworks  is more compact than most Goldenrods and flowers more heavily. A lacy dome of golden flowers looks like exploding fireworks providing nectar and pollen for bees and butterflies in early fall. Sun.
‘Little Lemon’ Compact 8″ light yellow blooming Goldenrod makes a great addition to the late season perennial bed.  Blooms for several weeks in August and September.  Prefers full sun.
‘Sweety’  This new award-winning dwarf Goldenrod has a very compact and mounded plant habit, excellent for garden or pots. Very vigorous and free flowering with a long summer bloom time. Attractive sprays of bright lemon yellow that have a long vase-life when used as a cut flower. Mildew resistant 12″ plant! Sun or part sun.
Stachys byzantina ‘Silver Carpet’ Lamb’s Ears – Non-flowering Lamb’s Ear cultivar, same woolly foliage. Sun, part shade.
‘Helene Von Stein’  – Big Ears – Handsome large leafed Lamb’s Ear, very showy groundcover.
coccinea ‘Pow Wow’  Coral red flowers cluster over neat 12″ green Betony leaves.  Great bedding or border plant. This native from the southwest United States attracts both butterflies and hummingbirds. From low growing mounds of foliage, it produces spikes of brick-red flowers from late spring through mid summer.  Sun.  Deer resistant plant!
lanata – Lambs Ears – Velvety soft fuzzy leaves, purple flower spikes, tough as nails. Sun, part-shade.
monieri ‘Hummelo’  This Betony forms a low-growing clump of soft green, wavy or wrinkly leaves that spread. Deep fuchsia spikes of tubular flowers bloom in early summer, 20″ high.  A different Lamb’s Ear!  2019 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR!
‘Silky Fleece’ A new cultivar of Lamb’s Ear, with the same great soft, silky texture & silver leaves.  Grows a compact 10″ tall.
Stokesia ‘Colorwheel’ – Stokes Aster – A marvelous new variety of Stokes Aster, whose flowers open white, age to lavender, then dark blue.  Sun.
          ‘Mel’s Blue’ Silvery sky blue flowers appear from June to August on this compact Stokes Aster.

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T is for…

Thalictrum aquilegifolium Meadow Rue – Purple flowering 3′ tall, lacy columbine-like foliage, sun, part shade or shade.
dipterocarpum (delavayi) Rather  than fluffy flower heads, this graceful, clump-forming perennials bears a multitude of nodding, lilac colored flowers.  The finely divided leaves give this 4′ plant a dainty appearance.  Shade or part sun. Impressive airy sprays of lilac flowers excellent for cutting. Blooms mid-to-late summer.
flavum ‘Illuminator’ makes a dramatic 5′ tall specimen. The blue columbine-like foliage emerges blue with an overlay of gold. The result is a fascinating chartreuse-like cast to the new foliage. The clump extends upward, where it is topped in late spring with cluster of tiny airy yellow flowers. ‘Illuminator’ Meadow Rue is a favorite for designers who like to create unique and fun combinations with it’s golden foliage or airy flowers.
rochebrunianum This very tall species from Japan grows 6′-8′ tall or more if given some sun and moist soil.  Tiny lavender flowers are  produced in late summer & early Fall. Shade or part sun.
Thermopsis caroliniana – Caroline Lupine – Easy long-lived member of the pea family, tall slender yellow flower spikes. 3-4’ tall, tolerates hot muggy summers well, cheerful low-maintenance plant. Sun, part sun.
Tiarella wherryi – Foam flower – Woodland plant covered with lovely white flowers in spring. Tiarellas are at home in moist woodland environments. Shade
cordifolia ‘Brandywine’   rated one of the most vigorous foamflowers with glossy leaves bearing subtle burgundy etchings.   Bold creamy white flowers in spring & bronzy fall and winter leaf color.
‘Oakleaf’ Reddish, deeply lobed, oak-like leaves that mature to dark green with burgundy splashes. From late spring to early summer it produces a profusion of starry pink flowers for up to 8 weeks. Plants grow to about 18 inches tall and wide.
Tradescantia ‘Concord Grape’ Long blooming rich purple flowers. Blue-gray foliage looks good all summer. Part sun.
virginianaBlue’  Unusual blue color, a true blue.  Will grow in sun & shade and poor soils, 24″ tall.
Snowcap‘ White variety, sun or shade. Trim back after flowering for a repeat performance, 24″ tall.
‘Sweet Kate’  Gold Spiderwort – Brilliant gold foliage with many outstanding violet/blue blooms in summer.  Protect from hot sun to keep foliage looking its best all summer.
Tricyrtis hirta – Toad Lily – Excellent plant for shaded areas, blooms in late Sept and Oct.  Lovely woodland plant with dense speckled orchid-like flowers. Unusual, only 12″ high.  A close-up plant!
‘Gilt Edge’ True to its name, ‘Gilt Edge’ has green, lance-shaped leaves edged in creamy yellow. The foliage remains consistently clean all season and demonstrates superior vigor, even in late summer. Gracefully arching stems support white, orchid-like flowers which are heavily spotted and streaked with purple. Late to emerge in the spring.
‘Tojen’ This selection has flowers which are truly cheerful and beautiful. Unlike the spotted  flowers of its parents, this one has bright white flowers edged in lavender with a  yellow center.
Trillium erectum – Wake Robin – This Red flowered Trillium enjoys rich, moist but well-drained soil in a  partial or shaded garden. Blooms in spring.

grandiflora The white flowering plant is taller than most trilliums, reaching almost 2 feet in height. It blooms in May & thrives in rich organic acid soil with ample shade and moisture.

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U-V-W-X-Y–Z is for…

Verbascum ‘Southern Charm’ Easy to grow hybrid perennial. Lavender, buff and rose colored flowers, good cut, 36″ tall.  Sun.‘Temptress Purple’  Lovely lavender spikes on compact 24″ tall plants.  Long blooming Verbascum!
Verbena bonariensis– Lilac blue hardy verbena, sun, 24″ tall, a beauty. Reseeds freely.
rigida ‘Santos’ More compact Verbena, only 12″ high, endless blue flowers. Reseeds.
Veronicas are superb, long blooming border plants, combining well with other perennials in the garden. Speedwells are important components of late spring and summer gardens because of their abundant spiked flowers. Part or part-sun.‘Baby Doll’ This incredibly floriferous, early blooming Speedwell grows to just 10″ and is loaded with many stems of mid-pink flowers. Plants have a very uniform habit & bloom June – August.
    gentianoides ‘Barbara Sherwood’ Beautiful delicately striped pale blue & white flowers in spring. A different kind of Veronica. Stunning.

       ‘First Glory’ A Speedwell ideally suited for the garden border since it is more compact & mounded than other Veronicas.  Royal blue flower spikes continue for weeks.
‘Goodness Grows’  Blue spike flowers June through September.  It blooms longer than all the veronicas, which makes it an excellent container plant. It grows only 12″ tall.
incana-candida – Silver Speedwell Low growing silver leaves with sky blue flowers. Sun, part shade.
     ‘Noah Williams’ New variegated form, distinct white edges to the leaves, white blossoms in summer.  Sun, part sun.            
‘Purpleicious’  Intensely colored flower spikes are the richest purple yet seen in a Veronica.  The plants are well branched and display very healthy dark-green foliage. Blooms June-August, 20″ tall, sun.
‘Red Fox’ Rose red spikes all summer, 10″ tall. Sun.‘Rosea’ 18″ plants with long stalks of clear pink flowers. Sun, some shade.

       x ‘Sunny Border Blue’ An excellent perennial, true blue flower spikes all summer. Sun, part-shade. 1993 PERENNIAL OF THE YEAR.
‘Waterperry Blue’ Shiny, creeping green foliage, light sky blue flowers, 4″-6″ high.

Viola cucullata Woodland Violet – Fragrant and romantic perennial for shady, woodland spots. Several varieties available.  Red, purple, white, spotted etc. NEW JERSEY STATE FLOWER.
Vinca minor – Myrtle or Periwinkle –  Myrtle’s glossy, evergreen leaves are covered with blue flowers in May and June.   This plant thrives in shade.   Useful on banks, slopes, under trees and as a ground cover.

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Most perennials need to be 2 years old before they will bloom. All of our 1 gallon plants are at least 2 years old and will bloom for you this year. They’ve already over-wintered outside, so they are proven hardy in our area (zone 6 or to -10 degrees).


For our customers that like to start small and nurture, we offer a smaller size  perennial in a hearty 4 1/2″ pot. We suggest to our customers that perennials should be grouped in 3’s & 5’s for impact in the garden. Because these 4 1/2″ plants are more economical, it may be advantageous to use this size. Only $4.29 ea. Or 3 for $12. Mix and  Match!   HURRY IN – THESE ALWAYS SELL FAST!

Achillea (Yarrow) Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath) Penstemon
Aegopodium (Snow On the Mt) Helenium (Helen’s Flower) Phlox (Woodland/Summer)
Agastache (Anise Hyssop) Herbs:  Catnip, Catmint Platycodon (Balloon Flower)
Ajuga (Bugle Weed)           Chamomile Polemonium (Jacobs Ladder)
Alchemillea (Lady’s Mantle)           Chives, Garlic Chives Primula (Primrose)
Alyssum (Mt. of Gold)           Curry Prunella (Self Heal)
Anthemis (Marguerite Daisy)           Lavender, Lemonbalm Rudbeckia (BlackEyeSusan)
Aquilegia (Columbine)           Mints: Chocolate Mint Salvia
Arabis (Snow Cap)           Corsican Mint Saponaria (Soapwort)
Artemesia (Silver Mound0           Peppermint,Orangemint, Scabiosa (Pincushion)
Asclepias (Butterfly Weed)           Pineapple Mint, Spearmint Sedum (Live Forever)
Aster (Fall Blooming)           Oregano, Parsley Tiarella (Foam Flower)
Begonia grandis (Hardy Begonia)           Sage, Santolina Tradescantia (Spiderwort)
Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)           Tarragon & Thyme Veronica
Campanula (Bell Flower) Hens & Chicks Viola (Violet)
Centaurea (Bachelor Button) Heuchera (Coral Bell) Vinca (Myrtle)
Convallaria (Lilly of the Valley) Iberis (Candytuft)
Coreopsis (Tickseed) Ivy
Delphiniums (Larkspur) Knfophia (Red Hot Poker)
Delosperma (Ice Plant) Lamium (Nettle)
Dianthus (Carnation) Lathyrus (Sweet Pea)
Digitalis (Foxglove) Liatris (Gayfeather)
Echinacea (Coneflower) Liriope & Mondo Grass
Euphorbia (Spurge) Lobelia (Cardinal Flower)
Fragaria (Strawberry) Lychnis (Rose Campion)
Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) Lysimachia (Creeping Jenny)
Galium (Sweet Woodruff) Mazus, Moss Irish
Geranium Monarda (Beebalm)
Geum Oenothera (Sundrops)
Grasses (Assorted) Opuntia (Bunny ear Cactus)