Animals for sale

We always have plenty of animals for sale too.  



Egg laying Breeds of Chickens Born

March 28,2018


Barred Plymouth Rock – Gentle good light brown egg layers

Black Star –  Just as prolific as Gold Star

Jersey Giant – Black a very large heritage breed

Barnvelder – A unique dark brown egg good layer


All Female  All $15.00 each  













Royal Palm Turkeys Born 7/1 $25

Pheasant Born 6/1/2017

Red Gold Pheasant –  Females  $50/

Yellow Gold Pheasant –  Males and females  $50

Lady Amhearst –  Male Only  $50


Zebra Finches $10

Parakeets  $15

Japanese Quail $5


Button Quail  $10 each


Japanese Quail  Mixed Colors $5


Bunnies and Rabbits

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies available throughout the year starting Easter week!

We raise all of our rabbits right here on our farm.  All of our animals are purebred and selected to be the perfect family petAll are dwarf breeds, no larger than 4 pounds as adults. We also have cages, feed and everything you need for your pet.

Mini Rex  A dwarf breed with fur that feels like velvet they come in many colors   $40   IMG_2637

Holland Lop  A dwarf breed with floppy ears, so cute and friendly    $50

Dwarf Lion Head  so fuzzy  Look just like a lion     $40


No refunds of any kind on animals    

 Thank you.