What does organic mean at Popes?

Our organic vegetables are from OMRI listed organic seeds,  Planted in OMRI listed organic seed starter, Transplanted into OMRI listed organic plantable pots Filled with OMRI listed organic soil (with beneficial mycorhizza), Fertilized with OMRI listed organic fertilizer.  All grown right here by someone you trust!




All of our vegetables are grown right here in our greenhouses with no sprays or pesticides and will be ready mid-April.  We grow varieties we know will do well here in south jersey because we've been growing them here for thirty years!


Tomatoes  ALL NON GMO  35 varieties available.

Better Boy, Better Bush, Big Beef, Big Boy, Organic Big Rainbow, Organic Black Krim, Organic Black Prince, Celebrity, Chef's Choice Pink & Orange, Organic Cherokee Purple, Cherry Drop, Organic Early Girl, Fantastico, Organic Great White, Jubilee, Juliet, Lemon Boy, Marianna's Peace, Patio, Rapunzel, Rainbow Blend,
Organic San Marzano, Organic Striped German, Sunsugar, Supersonic, Supersteak, Supersweet 100s, Tumbler, Organic Yellow Pear    


   Black Krim   Black Prince   Cherokee Purple    Lemon Boy    Marianna's Peace      San Marzano     Striped German 


Cherry Drop Juliet (Grape)   Sunsugar     Super Sweet 100         Sweet Million


Beef Types;

Big Beef   Big Boy   Supersteak

All the rest;

Better Boy   Better Bush  Celebrity   Early Girl     Lemon Boy   Patio      Roma      Rutgers      Supersonic


Peppers   ALL NON GMO   22 varieties available.


   Cayenne   Cherry Bomb   Chipotle   Habernero   Habanero red   Hole Mole   Italian Long Hots   Jalapeno     


Bell Boy   California Wonder      Cubanelle  Golden California Wonder        Pimento     Red Knight   


As well as all these vegetables;

Arugula,beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, collards, cabbage, kale, cantalope, corn, cucumbers (6 types), eggplant (4 types), leeks,   lettuce (5 types),mesclun, onions, peas, pumpkin, radish, squash, swiss chard, waterelon, zucchini and more herbs than you can count!