Aquatics & Bog Plants


Creating a balance within a pond is water gardening at its best.  It involves having the number and types of plants that render pond water clear and algae free.  Approximately 60 % of the pond surface should be covered with a combination of aquatic plants. 
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Acorus – Sweet Flag – Excellent golden foliage growing only 10" high.  The grass-like foliage is dramatic in and around water.  Can tolerate sun, as well as shade. 

Calla palustris – Marsh Marigold – Yellow buttercup flowers in spring.  Grows 18" tall in sunny pond locations.

Dulichium arundinacea – Dwarf Water Bamboo grows 18" tall, in a sunny or partly shaded location.  It is winter hardy and can be completely submerged into the pond.

Canna 'Intrigue' Orange Canna blooms beautifully submerged in water or pond setting.  Tall and graceful with narrow leaves; this stunning beauty has flowers that are a subtle blend of orange and red.  Very tall to 6'!

Equisetum hymale – Horsetail Rush – Interesting tube-jointed green stems.  Horsetail rush is one of the oldest known plants. It is a bog plant and when well established, can be submerged into the pond.  Full or part sun, 3' tall.

Iris versicolor – Blue Flag Iris – Blossoms appear in clusters in June in shades of violet/blue.  This Iris flourishes in moist pond areas, but can also grow well in drier areas.  Sun or part sun.

Iris pseudocorus – Water Iris – Blue or yellow Water Iris make a stunning display in the sunny or partly sunny pond.  They reach a height of 24"-36"  tall and bloom in June.  They are completely winter hardy and will come back year after year for a repeat performance.

Juncus carmens – Carmen's Rush – Narrow bright green leaves grow 2' – 3' tall in the sunny or partly sunny pond.  Good bog plant, which can be completely submerged into the pond.  Winter hardy aquatic plant.

Myosotis palustris – Water Forget-me-nots – Form dense mats of tiny green leaves, completely covered with delightful blue flowers in Spring & Summer.  They enjoy moist soil, in a sunny or partly shaded garden or pond setting.  Only 6" high. 

Phalaris – Ribbon Grass – Ribbon Grass in one of the showiest and easiest of grasses.  It is an excellent groundcover, tough and cold hardy.  Fast spreading in sun or part sun, it grows 12" high.  Roots can be completely submerged into the pond area.

Phragmitis australis – Variegated Spire Reed – Variegated bamboo-like foliage with silvery white flower heads grow 3'-6' tall in the sunny pond area.  It can be submerged into the pond, and is completely winter hardy.

Pontaderia cordata – Pickerel Rush – Deep green calla-lily type leaves bear blue flowers borne on spikes.  They grow 2'-3' tall in the sunny or partly sunny pond area.  Roots can be completely submerged and are winter hardy.

Ranunculus flammula – Miniature Spearwort – Flowers May, June, July, August – Masses of delicate yellow buttercup flowers atop airy red stems. Blooms all summer if spent flowers are removed. Perfect in any pond.

Thalia dealbata – Hardy Water Canna – Hardy Water Cannas grow in the sunny or partly sunny pond area.  Blue flower spikes appear in July & August.  They are winter hardy to our zone of  6.

Typha angustifolia – Cattail – Large Cattails produce narrow dark green blade foliage, and thin catkins in late summer.  Large cattails grow to 7' tall.

          minima – Dwarf Narrow-leaf Cattail grows 24" tall.  Winter Hardy.

Water Hyacinths & Water Lettuce available Mother's Day – after chance of frost!