Vines (Perennial)


 Showy perennial vines accent fence, posts, trellis, mailboxes & lattice coming back bigger and better year after year.
3 Gallon Pots – $16.99 & $19.99

Actinidia Kiwi Vine –  These are highly ornamental twining vines that produce small hairless green fruits with the same flavor as the larger hairy kiwi.  There are two different species.  You must have a male and female of the same species to produce fruit.
Campsis radicans ‘Flava’ – Trumpet Vine – Extremely vigorous vine producing large peachy-yellow trumpet-shaped flowers in Summer through Fall. Very vigorous and attractive to hummingbirds. Sun.
radicans – Trumpet Vine – Old  fashioned orange trumpet flowers in summer.  Sun.
x tagliabuana ‘Mme. Galen’ Big showy salmon-red trumpet flowers attract hummingbirds.  Sun.
Clematis – Showy large-flowering vines, suitable for growing over fences, walls, arbors, pergolas, trellises and poles.  Assorted.
Clematis paniculata – Sweet Autumn Clematis – Millions of creamy white blooms in late summer, autumn. Very fragrant.
Grape Vines – An assortment of red, white and purple grapes widely planted for their sweet, rich taste.  Fruit is excellent for jams, jellies, or snacking!  Vine is great for climbing arbors or pergolas. Sun.
Hydrangea anomala petiolaris – Climbing Hydrangea – Clusters of fragrant flowers and showy white bracts from late spring to early summer. Very slow grower, but certainly worth the wait!
Lonicera x brownii ‘Mandarin’  Chinese Honeysuckle – D
eveloped in Canada and very long-blooming, this orange flowered Honeysuckle is a superb choice for fence, trellis or mailbox.  It is an excellent vertical accent adored by hummingbirds & butterflies.
x heckrottii ‘Goldflame’ Red buds open to pink flowers with yellow centers.  Simply stunning!  Fast growing vine loved by hummingbirds.
japonica ‘Hall’s’ Extremely fragrant “old-fashioned” Honeysuckle. Flowers open creamy white, then turn to yellow. Very fast grower.  Fragrant Memories of Childhood…. Sun.
sempervirens ‘Blanche Sandman’ Deep rose flowers open on light yellow centers.  Flush of bloom in May and June, then off and on until frost.
Polygonum aubertii – Fleece Vine or Silver Lace Vine – Twining vine with fragrant, profuse white flowers. Makes a beautiful lacey fence covering.
Schizophragma – Japanese Hydrangea Vine – Spectacular vine with large flat flowers encircled by white, tear-drop shaped sepals. Great on a north brick wall. Part sun, 40′-50′ tall.
Wisteria floribunda – Wisteria – Sweet May-blooming vines, very fast growing, prolific lilac flowers.  Choose from purple or white.  Bottom branches may be trimmed off, to form a main trunk, if this form is desired.